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Офисът на ITCE се намира в Бизнес център МЕГАПАРК (червено-черна сграда, в непосредствена близост до The Mall). Входът към офисната част на бизнес центъра е с лице към паркинга на The Mall.
Сградата разполага с рампа пригодена за велосипеди и мотоциклети.

29 Jan

Artificial Intelligence Readiness Courses by ITCE & Centroida

ITCE and Centroida have established a partnership to deliver world class AI & Deep Learning training courses which aim to prepare professionals from forward-looking companies to create business value through AI.

Deep Learning neural networks within the machine learning branch of AI represent the most successful innovation yet achieved in the field of AI. Becoming aware of its capabilities and putting together a beginning strategy is an essential step to all organizations that plan on leveraging AI’s potential.

The AI Readiness courses are available with industry focus in four main fields – banking, telecommunications, insurance and retail.

These 1-day courses aim to provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can create value for organizations and are suitable for leaders from progressive organizations which aim to create business value through AI and by leveraging the data they possess.

The registration for the first two groups is now open:

AI Readiness for Banking & Financial Institutions (22 Feb 2018): register here
AI Readiness for Telecommunications (28 Feb 2018): register here

About Centroida:

Centroida is a AI-as-service (AIaaS) company focused on enabling enterprises to leverage the power of AI by creating custom Deep Learning applications and setting up infrastructure to support them.

To get in touch with us, simply send us an e-mail at info@itce.com

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