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ITCE Announces Leadership Team Expansion

ITCE – the market leading company for IT and management training in Bulgaria, the frontrunner in lifelong professional learning, known also for its consulting services in Agile transformation and ServiceNow, is expanding its leadership team to sustain the company growth trend and the development of top-level consultants.  

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Dimitar Georgiev in Bloomberg TV about ITCE’s 3rd place at the LLPA Best Practice Award 2022

Dimitar Georgiev, Training Manager & Partner at ITCE, discusses the concept for customer centric learning solutions with which ITCE was awarded 3rd place at the LLPA Best Practice Award, as well as trendy topics such as the transformation of the training industry, the value of blended learning and innovative training delivery methods, the importance of certification and more.


Nina Prodanova-Iozeva: “The Agile transformation requires us to trust our employees and give them the freedom to express themselves without the fear of making mistakes.”

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, CEO & co-founder at ITCE, and Yavor Mramorenski, Head of Software Development at Fadata Group, talk in an interview with about the need for the Scaled Agile methodology and the benefits and challenges it brought to Fadata while implementing its digital transformation during those times of uncertainty.


Nina Prodanova-Iozeva in Business.BG about our new high-tech space for team collaboration – SpaceAssembly.

Just within a few months, workspaces and their functionalities needed to change to accommodate the necessities of a new generation. As a result, we created SpaceAssembly, a spaces for high quality collaboration, Agile planning events, designing, learning, broadcasting & streaming, networking in different forms – online, hybrid, and in-person.

CIO Bulgaria

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva: My Passion is Entrepreneurship, the Overpowering Desire to Experiment

In an interview for CIO Bulgaria, Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, co-founder and Managing Partner at ITCE, talks about the need for business managers to be knowledgeable about new technologies as this is a required skill for the success of an organization. She highlights the importance of working in teams of people with diverse expertise so that everyone can contribute to continuous innovation.

TV Europe

Dimitar Georgiev from ITCE and Petar Tornev from Accenture Bulgaria in “Business Daily”

Dimitar Georgiev, Training Manager at ITCE and co-founder at SkillsAssembly, and Petar Tornev, Technical Director at Accenture Bulgaria, spoke for “Business Daily” and shared with Dimitar Vuchev about the Jump2IT Training Program, which was created, sponsored, and delivered in partnership with Accenture Bulgaria. During the interview, they gave more information on how the two companies decided to work together and whether they expect the Covid-19 pandemic to influence the success of the training program.

Darik Radio

Nina Iozeva and Orlin Marinov from ITCE in “Career with Us”

In the section “Career with Us”, part of the show “Career for you”, Nina Prodanova-Iozeva and Orlin Marinov, founders of ITCE, talked about Agile and optimizing work processes. Nina and Orlin talked about the history of the methodology even before it became known as Agile, stemming from the production factories of Toyota, about Bulgarian companies’ first steps toward adopting the methodology as well as about the growing number of organizations which acknowledge and apply the best practices that Agile presents. In addition, Nina and Orlin discussed the connection between Agile and Lean and how ITCE itself good practices from both methodologies in order to optimize and alleviate work processes.

Nina Iozeva in “Supercareer with Georgi Nenov”

Nina Prodanova-Iotzeva, co-founder and CEO at ITCE, spoke for “Career for you” and talked with Georgi Nenov about leadership, learning, organizations and teams as well as about the lessons she has learned from and applies in her roles as a mother, a manager, and an athlete. Nina shared with the audience how she finds the balance between those different roles and how motherhood and sport make her better as a professional. She left a message to companies which, she suggested, should continue learning in order to succeed and grow.

Dimitar Georgiev from ITCE and Petar Tornev from Accenture Bulgaria in “Career Opportunities”

In the section “Career Opportunities”, part of the show “Career for you”, Dimitar Georgiev, Training Manager at ITCE and co-founder at SkillsAssembly, and Petar Tornev, Technical Director at Accenture Bulgaria, talked about the motivation behind establishing the Jump2IT Training Program and elaborated on some of the opportunities that it offers.

Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva on the Impact of Digital Transformation on Traditional Business Models

In an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, co-founder and Managing Partner at ITCE, talks about digital transformation, the features of the modern organization, and managers’ new role. The business industry now requires the digitalization of all companies, including their business processes and employees. Yet the most essential adjustment managers need to make as part of that transformation is the adjustment of their own views.

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, co-founder and managing partner at ITCE, during her interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva: One Should Not Betray Their Values Because of Financial Goals

Nina was one of 22 female entrepreneurs, selected to take part in the E&Y Winning Women EMEIA meeting in Lisbon as part of the class of 2018/2019. The criterion the selection is based on is the potential for growth of the participants’ companies. To ITCE, the participation served as a confirmation for the strategy of the company and its leadership, Nina says in her interview for In addition, she talks about the benefits from the participation as well as about the balance between the different roles she takes in and outside her job.

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, co-founder and managing partner at ITCE.

Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria

The PMDay 2018 Called for Equal Chances for Women

Nina took part in PMDay, organized by PMI Chapter Bulgaria. She gave a presentation on Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva presenting at PMDay 2018.

Later, Nina joined a panel discussion on the role of women in project management and the skills women need to build a career in the field.

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva as part of the panel on the role of women in project management during PMDay 2018.


ITCE Training Center Sofia by Cachè Atelier

InteriorZine presents the refurbished ITCE Training Center designed by Cachè Atelier. The article features photos of the interior, the design and its purposes. InteriorZine describes the environment as unusual and similar to that of a home where visitors can enjoy their learning experience. ITCE Training Center feel like an adventure in a learning environment, playfully guided by paper planes scattered throughout the Center.

The refurbished ITCE Training Center in the media.


Sports as Part of a Successful Manager’s Job

For the third year in a row, Nina Prodanova-Iozeva became the fastest female CEO in Bulgaria. In an interview for DevStyler, she talks about her participation in Postbank Business Run and the eight weeks of training and preparation for the event. Nina also shares why doing sports is an inseparable part of her personal and her professional lives and how sport discipline influences her performance at work.

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva is the fastest female CEO for the third year in a row.

Jump to IT Through Training in QA

Dimitar Georgiev, senior consultant and training manager, talks about Jump to IT, an educational program created in collaboration with Accenture Bulgaria. Established in response to the lack of IT professionals on the labor market, the initiative offers the first step toward a career in IT to people who don’t have previous experience in the field. In an interview for DevStyler, Dimitar talks about the program and its aim.

Dimitar Georgiev, senior consultant and training manager.


Paul Hardy: Technologies Should Aid People Rather Than Replace Them

Paul Hardy, Director “Innovations” for EMEA at ServiceNow, whose only partner for Bulgaria is ITCE, presented in Sofia as part of the “Future of Work” tour. In his interview for Capital, Paul shares his disbelief that technologies would replace people at their work places. On the contrary, technologies can be helpful for digitalizing repetitive tasks and routine activities. By doing so, technologies can actually make free time for people to spend being creative at their work. That is also the idea that ServiceNow is based on.

Paul Hardy in Bulgaria on the "Future of Work" tour.

How Automation Can Spare 2 of the 5 Working Days of Employees

In an interview for, Paul Hardy talks about ServiceNow and the business processes it can aid. Automation does not aim to replace people but, if utilized appropriately, can actually spare employees 2 of their work days.

Paul Hardy, Director "Innovations" in EMEA at ServiceNow

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