Why You Need to Learn About Agile Customer Service Management

Agile Customer Service Management ITCE

We are excited to share our newest training course – Agile Customer Service Management!

In this 2-day training, teams learn how to provide excellent customer service by understanding that CSM is not simply support but a value-adding service that is essential in achieving high customer satisfaction.

Customer service is not a separate part of your business but an integral part of every product or service. In fact, customers define it as a critical indicator for how much they are valued.

Awesome product combined with awesome support will activate your best advocates and salespersons – your customers!

In this 2-day training, you will understand the core principles and techniques to achieve high customer satisfaction.

  • Day 1 focuses on Customer Service & Customer Journey as a concept, the Agile culture and key Agile, DevOps & ITIL principles;
  • Day 2 focuses on mastering the emotional intelligence aspect of customer service management.

Read more about the training and find the Course Agenda here.

For registration simply fill out the registration form here or get in touch with us!

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