Why Demand Management Is the Main Focus of the CIO This Year

Every successful business operates on the principle of demand and supply and the main starting point for planning resources, products and services is actually the expected market demand. Understanding and forecasting the demand help not to fall into situations where products and services are offered but no one buys them or not to be able […]

How Habits Increase Productivity

6:30am. The alarm rings. I’m not sure whether I’m awake, or still dreaming, but the next thing I remember is that I have a sip of fresh coffee and the day can start. On my way to the office I can’t stop myself from thinking that I have no memories how I got up, how […]

Change the Way You Negotiate with Your Vendors

The world is going digital. Almost everything we do during the day, is digitalized – we order things online, socialize online, study online, work online. The fancy products and services that companies provide to their customers, become commodity in months, sometimes even days, and the companies have to run much faster in comparison with some […]

The End of NO. The Beginning of NOW.

Every day we use social networks and online ordering platforms in our private lives. We’re so used to technology that we consider our smartphones and tablets to be things of primary necessity in life. And then we go to the office… and go back in time facing outdated technology. One of the key systems used […]

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