Our Highlights for 2022

For our 2022 accomplishments, we would like to thank you all, dear partners, clients, and colleagues! We would soon be wrapping up yet another year full of excitement, acquired knowledge, and experience to keep us delivering innovative services and solutions. As always, we’re excited to see what the future holds and all the adventures that […]

Jump2IT Training Program 2022

Guided by the belief that every motivated person deserves the opportunity to develop skills and grow in the highly perspective and fast-growing IT industry, ITCE’s team founded a NGO named SkillsAssembly which serves as a platform for ideas, projects and experts to collaborate and contribute to the local IT ecosystem and skills development of junior talent. With the […]

Looking back on 2021

Despite the continuing negative effect of social distancing during the past 2021 our team overcame many challenges and found a way to turn them into advantages. We continued developing new products, growing our team, working with new clients, creating unforgettable memories, and reaching new heights! All of this would have been impossible without our team’s […]

15th State of Agile Report Through ITCE’s Prism

The State of Agile survey is among the most cited annual surveys in the field of Agile techniques and practices. This year’s 15th State of Agile Survey report by Digital.ai makes an in-depth research on the milestones along Agile’s journey, from its roots in software development to its current widescale adoption, driving business value by increasing performance […]

The Role of Growth Mindset in Digital Transformation

The growth mindset plays an important role in the learning journey of individuals but also appears to be critical for the transformational success of organizations. According to the IDC White Paper, sponsored by Microsoft, “Business Value of Digital Transformation and the Contribution of a Growth Mindset in IT” May 2020, 70% of companies going through […]

SpaceAssembly – High-tech Space for Collaboration Powered by ITCE

About SpaceAssembly The future of work is here and our aim is to craft a workspace that best facilitates it. Future work practices and models were accelerated and just within a few months, workspaces and their functionalities needed to change.    The future of teamwork requires spaces for high-quality collaboration, Agile planning events, designing, learning, broadcasting & streaming, networking in different forms – online, hybrid, and in-person. That […]

Nina Prodanova in an interview with Business.BG on our new high-tech workspace – SpaceAssembly

Just within a few months, workspaces and their functionalities needed to change to accommodate the necessities of a new generation. As a result we designed SpaceAssembly –  a space for high-quality collaboration, Agile planning events, designing, learning, broadcasting & streaming, networking in different forms – online, hybrid, and in-person. Watch the interview with Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, CEO and […]

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