Jump2IT Training Program 2021

Guided by the belief that every motivated person deserves the opportunity to develop skills and grow in the highly perspective and fast-growing IT industry, ITCE’s team founded a NGO named SkillsAssembly which serves as a platform for ideas, projects and experts to collaborate and contribute to the local IT ecosystem and skills development of junior talent. With the […]

C3 Cloud Skills Tour Sofia: Event Recording

Recordings from the Bulgarian C3 Cloud Skills Tour Keynote – Digital Transformation is About People Digital transformation requires a mindset shift, behavior change, and leader support. When you equip your workforce with the right knowledge and support, the lasting digital transformation and success of your cloud journey can become a reality. Keynote – Developing Learning […]

2020 at ITCE in Numbers

We look back at the passing year with gratitude to everyone who helps us in the continuous building of ITCE’s vision! 2020 is a year of change and we decided to take the time to define and re-invent the future of work and team collaboration. Despite all the hardships and unexpected turns that we faced, […]

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