Agile Business Simulation: Fly4You

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Изпълнителният директор на Fly4You е решил да разшири ИТ възможностите. Това означава, че SAFe® принципите трябва да бъдат внедрени в организацията. Станете част от Fly4You за един ден и преминете през това agile приключение с нас.


In this 4 round simulation teams will work in different roles within Fly4You. Their job is to translate the business goals and milestones into working products to achieve the business objectives set by the CEO.

However just like reality. There are conflicting business demands and goals from the various business line managers. Too many demands for available resources. The IT organization also needs to make investments to scale up and enable business agility using new technologies. At the same time as realizing the business goals the team has to adopt these new ‘scaled agile ways of working’ causing even more demands on scarce resources…

The team will follow a step by step plan based on the principles of SAFe® in order to achieve the following main goals:

  • Faster deployment of new service
  • Less errors and rework
  • Happier employees
  • More business and customer value

Translate strategy into execution and shifting from output to outcome.

Aligning end -to-end teams and creating
buy-in from business and technical stakeholders.

Creating an agile organization with supporting
practices and cultural values.

Dealing with changing and sometimes conflicting
business priorities.

The “Fly4You” SAFe® Business Simulation has been designed and developed by our Dutch partner GamingWorks and has been recognized world-wide as a true source of value and inspiration by every team that has experienced it.

About the Game

Your challenge is to use the SAFe® principles and apply them in 4 rounds. Between each game round the team will reflect on key challenges adopting new ways of working such as leadership commitment, prioritization of scarce resources, resistance to new roles and responsibilities and ways of working, translating principles into behaviors.

You will start exploring different ways of structuring the usual way of working. The team will learn how to prioritise work and have a clear picture of the most relevant tasks that need to be done in the coming 8 weeks.

Teams will have the opportunity to participate in PI Planning where you will be confronted with many new terms, just like in reality when we adopt new ways of working.

On a regular basis the team will synchronize to make sure all teams are aligned to deliver optimal value and exact objectives for the given period.

After the work is planned, our facilitator will bring different challenges to the teams in order to also learn how SAFE® principles can help to be fast, flexible and error free.Have a Look for Yourself:

What you’ll learn

Business and team benefits: 

  • How to organize and structure digital transformation programas
  • What are the key elements of a SAFe® approach
  • How to utilize SAFe® principles to benefit the organization
  • How to work with multiple teams focussing on the same outcomes?
  • How to involve all stakeholders when implementing the scaled agile way of working
  • How to embed a SAFe® culture in an organization?


Meet our team of certified trainers and business simulation facilitators with years of experience in managing complex projects of different scope and geographies. They are experienced “game leaders” who can adapt the mechanics of the game to the situation needed.

Светослав Илиев

Старши Консултант и Трейнър

Светослав специализира в Agile Frameworks, Agile Service Management, DevOps, ITIL, и ServiceNow. Той има богат опит (10+ години) в управлението на ИТ услуги в големи организации, с фокус върху внедряването и оперирането на услуги, както и на управлението на взаимодействие с клиенти, заинтересовани страни и управлението на service desk екипи.

Деян Йорданов

Business Development Executive 

Деян заема част от Business Development екипа в ITCE и има изграден опит в работата с Agile, ITIL, и DevOps практики. Той заема главна роля в създаването на персонализирани трейнинг решения и симулации за различните нужда на нашите бизнес клиенти. Деян активно се занимава с воденето на бизнес симулации влизайнки в ролята на опитен фасилитатор. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites for the business simulation?

There are no fixed prerequisites for attendance. Still, the Fly4You business simulation will be more useful for you if your organization is planning to transition to SAFe® way of working.

Who should attend?

“Fly4You” simulation is for managers and team leads to learn what SAFe® is all about and how to use it.

“Fly4You” is also for employees who work in teams and want to learn how to apply SAFe® principles in their own work.

Can the business simulation be customised?

Yes. If you are organizing “Fly4You” for a group of people from your organization, we will be happy to discuss with you what are your team’s strengths and improvement areas and tailor the business simulation to address them. Call us to organize an awareness session!

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