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Automation Testing Training

QA202 3 days 390

During the course, it will be designed and implemented test automation harness from scratch for a given web application.


In today´s fast-moving world, it is a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of software systems development. Test automation can improve the development process of a software product in many cases. The test automation is initially associated with increased effort, but the related benefits will quickly pay off.

Everyone can quickly learn and start writing automated tests, however, creating successful automation requires much deeper knowledge and experience. If our automation is poorly designed, it will cost us much more than the benefits it will bring us. Most people spend most of their time maintaining and fixing red tests rather than covering the newly developed features. Also, for engineers that are just starting their career is always a challenge to start automation of the testing from scratch for a new project.

The course will cover all of these problems, using some of the most popular frameworks and tools available on the market. It will be almost entirely practical with only enough theory so that the participants can perceive the explained concepts or frameworks.

During the course, it will be designed and implemented test automation harness from scratch for a given web application.  It will be explained the motivations, best practices and pattern behind the given solution.

Key takeaways for a QE engineer from this course are:

  • How to create an automation testing framework from scratch step by step
  • Learn how to build more reliable automated tests
  • Understand the benefits of running your tests in parallel or in the cloud
  • Learn how to write effective unit tests to build high quality software applications
  • Use SpecFlow to define, manage and execute automated acceptance tests from business-readable specifications.
  • Learn how to integrate automation into the whole development process;

What you’ll learn

  • Selenium WebDriver- Getting Started
  • Selenium WebDriver- Advanced
  • Unit Testing Tutorial for beginners : C# Unit Testing
  • Source Control Introduction
  • Jenkins Setup CI
  • Executing Automation Tests in Parallel and in the Cloud
  • Behavior-Driven Development- SpecFlow
  • Developing an automation testing framework


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

This course is designed for people who have some experience with automation but do not have experience with designing whole test harness from scratch. Also, it is suitable for someone who wants to extend and improve his/her test automation knowledge and learn the best practices and patterns.

Are there any prerequisites for attending the training?

Intermediate knowledge in the area of programming with at least one object-oriented language (C#, Java). Good understanding of testing principles and practices. Basic knowledge of HTML, HTTP, client-server applications.


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