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Contemporary Software Architecture

BA500 3 days 650*

The three-day interactive course helps people across the whole solution delivery value stream to reach common level of fundamental knowledge about the contemporary software architecture styles and technologies.


To compete in a disruptive global market, every organization needs to deliver value through digital and cyber-physical solutions faster, more predictably, and with higher quality. This requires a shared level of knowledge about software trends among all the people involved to define, architect, develop, test, deploy, and release the solutions.

The three-day interactive course helps people across the whole solution delivery value stream from product managers and owners, business analysts and architects to software engineers, test engineers, CI/CD engineers and IT operations to reach common level of fundamental knowledge about the contemporary software architecture styles and technologies. At the last session the attendees will explore the roles, responsibilities, and mindset of Product Managers, Product Owners and Enterprise and Solution Architects and how they collaborate to design contemporary software solutions.

The training is workshop-style with lectures, live demonstrations of the concepts and technologies, practical exercises, the architecture improvements planning sessions and knowledge quizzes.


With many years of experience and numerous successfully implemented consulting projects in the field of business analysis and enterprise architecture, our trainers are here to help you master your knowledge and practices. 

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva ITCE

Нина Проданова-Йоцева

Управляващ партньор и старши консултант

Нина е високо-квалифициран консултант и лидер с повече от 20 години опит във воденето на сложни проекти и трансформации. Тя е добре познато име в областта на Agile, бизнес анализ, архитектура и управлението на процеси.

Красимир Парушев

Старши трейнър и консултант

Красимир Парушев е старши консултант и акредитиран ServiceNow трейнър със специализация в администрирането и разработването върху платформата на ServiceNow (ITSM, ITBM, CSM, ITOM) и CMDB. Красимир е участвал в множество сложни международни проекти по развиването и внедряването на ServiceNow и е развивал интеграции между различни инструменти за управление на услуги, базирани на Web Services.

What you’ll learn

Microservices and APIs

  • Microservices architecture style, 
  • REST over HTTP APIs
  • Odata APIs
  • WebSockets
  • Webhooks
  • API Gateways
  • Mobile apps and single page applications

Modeling and Documenting APIs

  • Documenting APIs with Swagger/OpenAPI
  • C4 and BPMN models


  • Cloud infrastructure and containers 
  • Code and image repositories
  • Deployment methods
  • CI/CD pipelines and DevOps toolchains

Architecture practices and roles

  • Solution delivery value stream stages
  • Agile architecture
  • Product Managers, Product Owners, Enterprise architects, Solution Architects

Като представител на изключително изискваща бизнес индустрия, знам колко трудно е понякога да се намери балансът при оползотворяването на нови технологични решения и съвременни добри практики за развиване на продукти. ITCE ни помогна да пригодим новите методологии към конкретните ни нужди, както и да разберем как по-добре можем да отговорим на строгите си технологични изисквания. Обучението Contemporary Software Architecture ни вдъхнови да развием идеите си до ново ниво.

Димитър Димитров,
Manager ICT Incidents and Problems за УниКредит Булбанк


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend? 

This course is suitable for professionals performing the roles of Solution Architects, Lead Developers, Business and System Analysts, Operations Engineers and Consultants. 

Are there any prerequisites for attending the training? 

There are no strict prerequisites, however, it is recommended for the participant to be familiar with IT Operations, software development and/or basic architecture experience. 

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