Copilot for Microsoft 365 User Enablement Specialist

MS-4007 | 1 day |

Научете се да създавате и внедрявате стабилен план за приемане на Copilot.


ITCE is a Certified Microsoft Learning Partner.

  • Explore User Enablement Strategies:
    – Understand the key principles of the “People First” strategy.
    – Learn about the importance of user enablement and the user enablement framework.
    – Discover how to become an AI-powered organization by leveraging Copilot.
  • Envision Successful Adoption:
    – Set the foundation for a transformative adoption process.
    – Learn about the initial phase of the user enablement framework: “Get Ready”.
    – Develop strategies to prepare your organization for Copilot adoption.
  • Onboard and Empower Employees:
    – Focus on the “Onboard & Engage” phase.
    – Implement methods to empower employees to use Copilot effectively and efficiently.
    – Learn techniques to engage users and encourage continuous use of Copilot.
  • Drive Value and Maximize Impact:
    – Explore the “Deliver Impact” phase.
    – Learn to maximize the value and impact of Copilot for employees and the organization.
    – Implement feedback mechanisms and track usage to ensure Copilot delivers tangible benefits.
  • Extend and Optimize Copilot:
    – Delve into the “Extend & Optimize” phase.
    – Capitalize on the established foundation and expand Copilot’s capabilities.
    – Learn advanced optimization techniques to ensure Copilot remains effective and beneficial.

Nikolay Markov

Chief AI Adoption Accelerator @TeamLandi

Nikolay has over 20 years at the forefront of IT innovation, leading the transition from cloud computing and cybersecurity to pioneering in AI research and adoption. 

Nikolay Panchev

Head of AI Transformation @TeamLandi

With over 15 years of expertise in IT and cloud technologies, Nikolay stands out as an innovative Azure AI architect, IT Leader, Cloud consultant and Certified technical trainer. 

Complete an interactive lab where you can demonstrate your ability to create, configure, and implement document processing solutions using Azure AI, with performance being evaluated based on real-world tasks.

This course is ideal for user enablement specialists, business leaders, managers, IT professionals, consultants, and anyone involved in the adoption and implementation of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 within their organization. It is particularly beneficial for those responsible for driving digital transformation and enhancing productivity through AI tools.

Copilot Foundations


Научете основите на генеративния AI и разработете интелигентни AI. Придобийте практически опит с Microsoft Copilot…

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