Digital Transformation (DTX-i) Simulation

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DTX-i simulates a complex enterprise business model that educates players on the strategic Digital Transformation choices facing organisations and gives instant feedback on their impact on organisational performance.


DTX-i is a highly immersive, virtual, single player strategy simulation that engages and educates individuals at scale. This web-based experience provides insight to technology leaders and their organizations about the core components and landscape of Digital Transformation.

Your mission is to lead an airline company into a new digital paradigm, where it can compete at the top of the market. You must analyze data and execute a number of actions across the IT enterprise to improve business performance. In doing so, you will have to consider, experiment and observe the impact of your choices and how they might play out in the real world.

Gain hands-on experience in ITIL, Agile, DevOps Best Practices

Get insights of the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to manage successful digital transformations. Learn how to apply ITIL, Agile, and DevOps best practices.

Communication is key!

In the business simulation as in real business life, the IT teams and the Business often struggle to align on a common strategy and goals. Experience it and learn your lessons in a safe environment, where your mistakes won’t cost you any real money or affect your reputation.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

By improving the delivery of new and existing services, participants learn hands-on how process improvements lead to better business performance.

The DTX-i Simulation has been designed and developed by our partner SXP (Serious Experience) to resonate with the transformation challenges facing executives and their teams today.

About the game

The participants in the simulation will be running a “Global Air”, a legacy Airline that needs to catch up with the market. The aims of the simulation are:

  • Improve delivery of new and existing services for Global Air
  • Introduce new technologies e.g. DevOps toolchain, service desk, monitoring etc.
  • Use data analytics – to aid decision making as a key to Digital Transformation
  • Reach the top 50 airlines on the leaderboard

Each cycle = 15 minutes = 1 month in game time:

  • Can be virtual instructor led
  • Gamified with leaderboards etc.

Step-by-step activities of the business simulation:

While playing the Digital Transformation simulation, the team will go through a series of retrospectives to enhance the learning process:

  • Observation and retrospective session at the end of every cycle of the business simulation;
  • Experience sharing between the participants;
  • Analysis of outcome of each participant and evaluation;
  • Conclusions and recommendations for improvement.

Have a Look for Yourself:


Meet our team of certified trainers and business simulation facilitators with years of experience in managing complex projects of different scope and geographies. They are experienced “game leaders” who can adapt the mechanics of the game to the situation needed.

Orlin Marinov ITCE

Орлин Маринов

Съосновател, Партньор и Старши консултант

Орлин е добре познато име в ИТ и мениджмънт средите в региона заради неговия богат опит като консултант за редица големи и сложни проекти в сферата на ИТ сигурност и управление на услуги. Той е високо ценен ITIL® трейнър, познат с високата успеваемост на сертификация на неговите курсисти. Орлин е носител на титлата ITIL®4 Master, която отговаря на най-високото постижение в сертификационната схема на ITIL 4.

Деница Денева

Старши Консултант и Трейнър

Деница специализира в ITIL и ServiceNow. Тя има богат опит и доказани резултати (10+ години) в областта на ИТ и управлението на ИТ услуги с фокус върху внедряването, оперирането и трансформирането на ИТ услуги, управлението на хора и взаимодействие с клиенти и заинтересовани страни.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Any professional who has experience with, who is involved in, or affected by a digital transformation initiative within an organization.

Can the business simulation be customized?

Yes. If you are organizing a training for a group of people from your organization, we can discuss what difficulties you experience during your digital transformation and tailor the business simulation to address them!

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