Visualize Data with Power BI

| 3 days |

Курсът ще ви преведе през основните функции на Power BI и ще ви запознае с концепциите и най-добрите практики за визуализация на данни.

ITCE is a Certified Microsoft Learning Partner.

Lyubomir Stefanov

Principal Data Architect @KPMG ITS

Lyubomir Stefanov is an IT professional with over 25 years of experience, blending roles in architecture, management, and pre-sales.

  • Module 1 – Introduction
    – Course introduction
  • Module 2 – Power BI Overview
    – Get to know the Power BI ecosystem
  • Module 3 – Prepare Data
    – Learn how connect to the source data and massage it
  • Module 4 – Model Data
    – Define metrics and KPIs to enrich your data
  • Module 5 – Visualize Data
    – Get the “mechanics” how to add and format visual elements
  • Module 6 – Data Visualization Fundamentals
    – Basic concepts of data visualization
  • Module 7 – Tables
    – When to use and how to best format data tables
  • Module 8 – Visual Perception
    – Key attributes of visual perception and their role in data viz.
  • Module 9 – Graphs
    – When and why use graphs
  • Module 10 – Bar and Column Charts
    – Dive into the most common (and informative) charts
  • Module 11 – Line Charts
    – Explore how to visualize change over time (and another case)
  • Module 12 – Common Chart Elements
    – Learn when to use and formatting practices
  • Module 13 – Colors
    – Identify what colors you need and how to pick them
  • Module 14 – Put it all together
    – Combine everything in an overall, end-to-end story
  • Module 15 – Interact with the Power BI Services

The training is designed for those who regularly deal with data during their daily activities and need a better way to process it and extract insights, but do not deliver data or analytics projects. This includes, but is not limited to Program/Project management roles, People managers, Finance, Sales and Business Development, Service management, etc.

There are no prerequisites for this training and no technical background is required. Recommended requirements for the training include:

  • Willingness to learn how to explore, analyze and visualize data
  • Curiosity to understand how to present quantitative data in the most-readable way and why precisely that way
  • Basic Excel skills like arranging data in tables, adding columns, basic formulas
  • Done table formatting and created charts in Excel

Successful Data Analysts start this role with experience of working with data in the cloud.



    След като попълните формата, ние ще се свържем с Вас, за да потвърдим интереса Ви и присъствието Ви в обучението.

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