DSK Digital Academy Tailored by ITCE

In the digital age, financial institutions are continuously striving to elevate their operations, aiming for enhanced efficiency and a satisfied customer experience.

A prime example of such a quest for excellence is the collaboration between DSK Bank, part of the OTP Group, and ITCE for the empowerment of their digital transformation through a specialized Microsoft Data Analyst Training Program. 

Strategically planning for the future

DSK Bank recognized early on that in a data-driven economy, the ability to quickly interpret and act on data insights is crucial. To excel in this area, they invested in developing their own Power BI data analysts. These specialists are the new artisans of data, sculpting information into actionable intelligence that propels the bank forward. 

ITCE stepped in as a trusted partner, bringing our rich experience and expertise as a Training Service Partner (TSP). Together, we devised a tailored training program based on official Microsoft courses to refine the skills of DSK Bank’s team, with a clear target – certification in PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst 

Designing a tailored training program for DSK

The training program was a triumph of flexibility and comprehensive learning methods, spanning over 12 months. It combined instructor-led sessions, self-paced study, hands-on lab environments, and exam preparation.

More than 100 students from DSK Bank participated in this learning journey, dedicating over 200 hours to instructor-led sessions. Their efforts and ITCE’s expertise were reflected in the stellar program rating of 4.7 out of 5 points, demonstrating the effectiveness and impact of the training. 

This initiative was not only about imparting knowledge, it was about transforming mindsets to foster a data-driven culture within DSK Bank. The training’s success laid a solid foundation for the bank’s ongoing and future digital projects, ensuring that DSK teams are confident with the evolving challenges of the financial sector but also to capitalize on opportunities that lay ahead in the digital transformation journey. 

As the partnership between DSK Bank and ITCE continues, the successful completion of the Microsoft Data Analyst Training Program did not go unnoticed. The transformative impact of the training program was acknowledged by Microsoft, leading to its inclusion in the Microsoft Success Stories initiative.  

As a TSP, ITCE has demonstrated a unique ability to understand the challenges and opportunities within the finance sector, thereby crafting a training solution that enhances skill sets and drives digital progress. For DSK Bank, this recognition is indicative of their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to stay at the forefront of the banking industry. Let us take inspiration from DSK Bank‘s initiative as a guiding light, encouraging us to foster a culture of continuous growth and to view every new challenge as an opportunity to innovate and transform.  

Radoslava Krosneva,
Head of Human Resources Directorate

Thanks to this training program we achieved our goal to develop our needed Power BI Data Analyst capability in such a short period.”

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