Get Ahead of the Game with Cloud Skills Training

Despite all the challenges the world faced in last couple of years, the IT industry experienced a boom in innovation and technology, particularly in cloud computing. Businesses are starting to realize how the cloud can increase innovation, productivity, and competitiveness thus causing a spike in the demand for cloud skills.

Investing in employees is crucial!

Making the most of cloud adoption requires investing in your workforce. Don’t undervalue the significance of investing in your people as you make plans for 2023. According to a recent study, companies that spend money on staff cloud training see a 100% return on investment after just 6 months and a staggering 234% return after 3 years! Businesses of all sizes are taking notice as the demand for cloud skills is at an all-time high.

Cloud skills are on the rise

Although it can be difficult to find workers with advanced cloud skills, upskilling your current workforce is a smart solution. According to Skillsoft’s IT Skills and Salary Survey 2022, cloud computing is the top investment priority, followed by cybersecurity, AI/ML, infrastructure, data analytics, and data science. Make sure to include security, data analytics, developer tools, and DevOps in your training plans as they relate to these subjects. To accomplish your goals, evaluate the skill levels of your current staff and develop a training plan.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training: Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Effective

If you don’t have training in your 2023 plan, think about the effects of the global talent shortage. According to Korn Ferry, the shortage may cause a startling $8.5 trillion in annual revenue loss by 2030. By offering thorough training and certifications, you can keep your advanced cloud talent. The advantages of virtual instructor-led training (VILT) include its effectiveness, economy, and ability to enhance memory.

By filling skills gaps, you can reduce the workload on your staff and promote early career talent. Employ personnel with a foundational understanding of the cloud and relevant certifications and watch them develop and take on more difficult tasks.

When allocating funds for staff training, give virtual instructor-led training (VILT) top consideration. The pandemic has increased the popularity of this format because it is effective, economical, and aids in improving memory.

Certifications are the key to identifying top talent.

Top talent can be found through industry certifications, and in 2023, more companies will invest in employee certification. According to Skillsoft’s IT survey, IT decision-makers estimate that a certified employee is worth $10,000 more than a non-certified employee. Employee certification spending can increase productivity and employee happiness.

Empower your whole organization!

The IT department is no longer the only one using cloud computing. Through training and certifications, leaders are equipping every department in the company with cloud skills, including finance, sales, HR, marketing, and administration. Don’t pass up the chance to improve the cloud-related knowledge and skills of your staff – make an investment in their future now.

Take the first step towards maximizing the benefits of cloud computing for your business. Invest in your workforce and equip them with the latest cloud skills. Visit our training schedule or email us at to learn more about our IT training programs and certifications. Don’t wait – secure your company’s future success by upskilling your employees today!

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