Integrate your SAP Task Center with ServiceNow

    Experience simplified, more intuitive and efficient task completion.

    Step 1

    The individual seeking help or encountering an issue submits an incident ticket via ServiceNow. This can be accomplished through different channels such as the ServiceNow portal, backend, or the NowMobile application. The requester completes a form providing details regarding the incident.

    Step 2

    Once the incident is submitted in ServiceNow, all related information is synced with the SAP Task Center, including subsequent changes and work notes. This ensures the SAP Task Center user has all necessary information to resolve the incident. The fulfiller then fills out a form with the resolution code and notes.

    Step 3

    After the incident is resolved in the SAP Task Center, all resolution information is automatically synced to ServiceNow. The requester reviews the resolution and, if satisfied, closes the ticket in ServiceNow. If the issue persists, they can revert the incident to “In Progress,” allowing the support team to continue their investigation via the SAP Task Center.

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