ITCE Establishes SkillsAssembly – an Education NGO

About SkillsAssembly’s Mission

Guided by the belief that every motivated person deserves the opportunity to develop skills and grow in the highly perspective and fast-growing IT industry, ITCE’s team founded a NGO named SkillsAssembly which serves as a platform for ideas, projects and experts to collaborate and contribute to the local IT ecosystem and skills development of junior talent.

We help people and youths in their career prospects by gaining in-demand skills and improving their employment opportunities to pursue a meaningful career in Tech & Information Technologies. 

Learn more about SkillsAssembly mission, values and projects here:

Jump2IT Training Program

One of the major projects of SkillsAssembly is the Jump2IT Training Program which is created, sponsored and delivered in partnership with Accenture Bulgaria.

You can find more about Jump2IT here.

Interested in Collaboration?

If you are interested in being part of SkillsAssembly’s mission, get in touch with us! We are continuously looking for ideas and initiatives on making an impact on the society.

About the Author Dimitar

Dimitar is Training Manager at ITCE and co-founder at SkillsAssembly. He is responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement of the training experience at ITCE and also, for the design of educational programs supporting organizational transformations, upskilling & reskilling initiatives for the digital age, internal academies and many more.

You can get in touch with Dimitar regarding SkillsAssembly inquiries at:

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