Maximizing Success with the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

Maximizing Success with the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program_Featured Image

Since 2010, the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) has been a cornerstone for Microsoft and its partners, acting as a center for monitoring, evaluating, and praising partners’ efforts. Over time, MPN has developed into a comprehensive program for Microsoft partners, incorporating competencies, advanced learning, rewards, and customer tracking. Microsoft, however, announced a significant change in March 2022: MPN would be discontinued and replaced by the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP). This change aimed to simplify Microsoft’s partner program and align it with its go-to-market approach. 

What is Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP)?

The new MCPP program carries on the tradition of monitoring, evaluating, and rewarding partners for their accomplishments. In order to recognize partners’ expertise in various Microsoft cloud solutions, this program categorizes them into seven different Solution Partner designations. The transition from Competencies to Solution Partners is the biggest change that partners should be prepared for. Microsoft has divided all currently available competencies into six distinct categories, each of which identifies partners with extensive knowledge of particular Microsoft cloud solution areas. These groups include: 

Business Applications Solution Partner 

Data & AI Solution Partner 

Modern Work Solution Partner 

Security Solution Partner 

Infrastructure Solution Partner 

App Development Solution Partner 

How to become a Solution Partner?

Partners who meet the necessary qualifications—which include a mix of performance metrics, skill requirements, and customer growth & success criteria—can apply to become Solution Partners. For partners to receive the Solution Partner designation, they must receive at least 70 of the 100 possible points. The breakdown of these specifications is as follows: 

Partner capability score: Alignment across the Microsoft Cloud

Partner capability score for the MCPP: Alignment across the Microsoft Cloud

A total of 70 points must be accumulated in each of the three categories of performance, skill, and customer success in order to be recognized as a Solutions Partner. Skilling is the most important of these categories because it’s crucial that your employees have the right training and credentials. You can obtain a significant number of points for each Designation by certifying your staff. 

Make the transition towards the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program!

We recognize that adjusting to these changes may be difficult or unclear. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether you’re trying to figure out which Designation is the best fit for your prior Competency in the old MPN program, figuring out which certifications are necessary for a specific Designation, or getting ready for your certifications. 

Not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us at to ensure your smooth transition or take a look at our Microsoft portfolio.

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