Our AUBG Alumni

If you are an AUBG Graduate looking for a job, you will be sure to find many likeminded people at ITCE! Currently, 26% of our team consists of alumni from the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) and the number grows each year.

AUBG teaches students the flexibility, curiosity, and versatility to meet the challenges of our fast-changing world. At ITCE, we excel at adapting to the dynamic business environment while striving to foster a culture of respect, growth mindset, teamwork, and autonomy – values that resonate with AUBG Alumni and help them flourish and unfold their full potential.

AUBG & ITCE Cultural Similarities

AUBG Liberal Arts & ITCE Career Path

Just like the liberal arts education system covers a range of interdisciplinary subjects and broadens your knowledge on many levels, at ITCE you are free to explore different career paths and develop T-shaped skills that would best suit your interests and needs.

AUBG Clubs & ITCE Circles

The clubs at AUBG give you the opportunity to explore your interests and shape useful skills to help you in your future career. At ITCE we form the so called “circles” which aim to ensure our continuous innovation processes. We identify a particular area in our business that needs some kind of improvement and we form a team (cirlce) of volunteers to work on the task.

AUBG Projects & ITCE Projects

At AUBG you have the opportunity to work on group assignments with students from different majors/minors and exchange knowledge and skills in the process. At ITCE we value team-work and most of the time we execute our projects in standard or cross-functional teams. By combining diverse skill sets and experience we ensure frequent communication between departments and promote creativity and innovation.

Junior Level Job Openings:

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