C3 Cup – Cloud Pro Bulgarian Champion Interview

Read the interview with the Cloud Skills Cup finalist – Seyhan Hamdi, Cloud Pro Bulgarian Champion. He had the best score, and besides winning a training voucher from ITCE, he gets to compete in the Cloud Skills Cup World Championships organized by LLPA in June 2021.

Hi Seyhan! First, congratulations, you are the Cloud Pro Bulgarian Champion in the Cloud Skills Cup – Bulgarian Tournament. Please tell us briefly something about you and the technologies that you are most interested in?

Hi, I am relatively young Cloud Support at KPMG ITS, and I am currently working with Azure IaaS and PaaS, Kubernetes, and containers. I am very passionate about the technologies that I am working with, and I constantly try to upgrade my knowledge and skills to achieve the best results.

Where did you learn about the Cloud Skills Cup – Bulgarian Tournament?

I learned about it from my Manager – Krasimir Petkov Petrov.

Do you have any experience in Microsoft Technologies? Was the test hard for you, or you managed to finish it quickly?

Yes, I was able to gain some valuable experience while working for KPMG ITS in the past 2.5 years. Thanks to KPMG ITS, I was able to improve my technical skills, and I believe this also contributed to my performance on the quiz, which for me wasn’t that hard.

How do you stay up-to-date? How do you continue learning now that you have a full-time job?

I follow some very knowledgeable people on social media. That is more than enough to stay up-to-date and acquire additional knowledge. Also, the company is providing plenty of resources that help me upskill in my sphere of work.

You are the winner in the Cloud category as part of the Cloud Skills Cup – Bulgarian Tournament, and besides going to the Cloud Skills Cup World Championships finals, you won a training voucher worth €500 from ITCE. Have you chosen the training you would like to visit? Actually, have you been to a training at ITCE before?

I still haven’t chosen the training. I haven’t been to a training at ITCE yet.

How do you plan to prepare yourself for the Cloud Skills Cup World Championships?

I will train very hard. 😊 But always remember – training is nothing will is everything!

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