C3 Cup – Data & AI Pro Bulgarian Champion Interview

Read the interview with the C3 Cloud Skills Cup finalist – Dimitar Zherabski, Data & AI Pro Bulgarian Champion. He had the best score, and besides winning a training voucher from ITCE, he gets to compete in the Cloud Skills Cup World Championships organized by LLPA in June 2021.

Hi Dimitar! First, congratulations, you are the Data & AI Pro Bulgarian Champion in the Cloud Skills Cup – Bulgarian Tournament. Please tell us briefly something about you, your hobbies and the technologies that you are most interested in?

Currently, I am a team lead of a group of specialists who аre responsible for the maintenance and support of enterprise data storage devices. We deliver some of the basics without which the cloud cannot exist. I love to motivate the people around me to succeed and follow their dreams, despite the difficulties. In this sense, my dream is to never stop learning, and the technologies are just a small part of the things that inspire me. My most interesting hobby in the last few years has been to follow the progress of SpaceX as well as the process of development and testing of Starship.

Which technologies look most promising to you in the future?

  • Cloud technologies as the main drive of the business growth.
  • Hybrid technologies and Artificial Intelligence for data storage and processing.
  • Starlink – as a service offering internet access to the most deserted places on the planet.

Where did you learn about the Cloud Skills Cup – Bulgarian Tournament?

From ITCE’s website, while I was searching for ITIL’s certification path.

Do you have any experience in Microsoft Technologies? Was the test hard for you, or you managed to finish it quickly?

I don’t have much experience with Microsoft Technologies when it comes to Data & AI, and this is why I found the test to be relatively hard.

How do you stay up-to-date? How do you continue learning now that you have a full-time job?

I try to keep my motivation high which I find to be quite challenging considering the ongoing situation in our country and around the world.

The culture of continuous learning is something that I strive to “sell” to everyone who seeks motivation. I believe you can achieve great results throughout the time if you adopt it as a mindset. That is the case for all aspects of our lives. I encourage everyone to be curious, to seek more information, and to never be afraid to take further steps towards self-improvement.

You are the winner in the Data & AI category as part of the Cloud Skills Cup – Bulgarian Tournament, and besides going to the Cloud Skills Cup World Championships finals, you won a training voucher worth €500 from ITCE. Have you chosen the training you would like to visit? Actually, have you been to a training at ITCE before?

One year ago, I got certified for ITIL 4 Foundation through ITCE. I would most probably continue with courses related to leadership and business skills.

How do you plan to prepare yourself for the Cloud Skills Cup World Championships?

I will definitely pay more attention to the innovations in the area and the format of the challenge to feel more confident.

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