PMI-PBA® Certification Domain 5: Evaluation

In the last article from the PMI-PBA® Certification Domain series, let’s look at the fifth domain – Evaluation. So far we discussed Needs Assessment, Planning business analysis activities, Elicitation and Analysis, and Traceability and Monitoring, but how do we know we are on the right track and are building the right product that would satisfy […]

PMI-PBA® Certification Domain 1: Needs Assessment

In the first article of the PMI-PBA® Certification series, I introduced you to the five domains recognized by PMI® – Needs Assessment, Planning, Elicitation and Analysis, Traceability and Monitoring and Evaluation. In this week edition I will try to explain and provide details regarding the first business analysis domain – Needs Assessment. So when does […]

Introduction to PMI-PBA® Certification Domains

Business analysis is a topic of growing importance in the field of managing IT projects. The marketplace reflects this importance, as different project roles increasingly embrace business analysis as a technique for uncovering business needs, managing requirements, and creating effective solutions to business problems. Despite having years, even decades of experience, many software companies still […]

The World-recognized Certificate in Business Analysis from PMI®, PMI-PBA®, Available in Bulgaria

Be one of the first in the world to obtain the prestigious Certificate in Business Analysis from PMI®, the PMI Professional in Business Analysis. ITCE is the first company in Bulgaria to organize a training course for the exam and certification in Business Analysis from PMI Professional in Business Analysis PMI-PBA (PMI-PBA)®. With more than […]

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