Cloud & DevOps Academy – 2020/2021

ITCE and KPMG IT Service OOD share the mission to contribute to the professional development of young talent in IT field in Bulgaria by providing them with best-in-class training and career realisation in a leading international company.

The second edition of the Cloud & DevOps Academy starts on November 16th, 2020 after the successful beginning in the 2019/2020 program year when 17 students graduated and launched their career within KPMG IT Service.

Fast-track to Career in IT

The Cloud & DevOps Academy is a joint initiative of KPMG IT Service OOD and ITCE which aims to provide recent university graduates with the foundation to a successful career in IT.

Upon successful completion of the academy in 5 months, students will have the opportunity to join the KPMG ITS teams and set the beginning of their career at the organization.

Branches / Specializations

This year, students will first go through the baseline phase of the Academy called the Master Branch where they will learn the fundamentals in cloud, security, business skills and more. Afterwards, they will be divided in Specialization Branches where they will dive deep into the field of their choice.

The selection of specialization will happen already during the application process and interviews and students will be able to choose among career development in:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • SharePoint
  • DevOps
  • Applications Management
  • Microsoft 365
  • Open Source Infrastructure 

Certification Milestones

The Academy will run for 5 month during which students will go through two certification milestones. Then they will be asked to take Microsoft and Linux professional certifications in order to obtain well-respected qualifications for their efforts and skillset.

Additionally, students will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by the two partner organizations.

Application is Now Open

The Cloud & DevOps Academy application process is open until November 6th, 2020. Find out more:

About the Author Dimitar

Point of Contact

Dimitar is Training Manager at ITCE and co-founder at SkillsAssembly. He is responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement of the training experience at ITCE and also, for the design of educational programs supporting organizational transformations, upskilling & reskilling initiatives for the digital age, internal academies and many more.

You can get in touch with Dimitar at:

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