Cloud & DevOps Academy – Fast-track to Career in IT

Cloud & DevOps Academy - ITCE & KPMG ITS

The Cloud & DevOps Academy provides fast-track to career in IT to bright and motivated talent by engaging them in a journey of in-demand skills and cutting-edge technologies. 

Fast-track to Career in IT

Cloud & DevOps Academy is an initiative of KPMG ITS Sofia and ITCE which aims to provide recent university graduates with the foundation to a successful career in IT.

During this 7 months long journey, the participants will be part of the traineeship program of KPMG ITS and upon completion of the academy, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and have excellent employment opportunities as junior talent in the Cloud and DevOps area at KPMG ITS Sofia. 

Learn from Extraordinary Professionals

The Academy Program will be delivered by KPMG IT Service OOD & ITCE professionals with many years of experience in the industry and numerous innovative and successfully completed projects.

The Academy’s students will have the possibility to immerse themselves in a learning environment where they will be prepared with the necessary skillset and project experience to kick-off their career in IT.

About KPMG ITS Sofia

Initially, KPMG ITS was established by a group of 15 cloud professionals and led by two visionaries who founded a startup company, later acquired by KPMG Germany in 2015. Currently, KPMG ITS Sofia employees 170 IT professionals in the fields of cloud and applications development, software engineering, project and service management among others. The organization is licensed by KPMG International and is an internal service provider exclusively to the KPMG network member firms with one goal – to digitalize their business through innovation.

Having experienced the up’s and down’s on the way to a successful career in IT themselves, the team behind KPMG ITS Sofia now wants to provide best-in-class training and career start to bright and motivated young IT talent to study and work next to extraordinary Cloud & DevOps IT professionals in Sofia.

The vision behind the Cloud & DevOps Academy creation is to contribute to the cutting-edge knowledge sharing and fast-track a career of all bright young people willing to take upon this journey and apply for it.

Application is Now Open

The Cloud & DevOps Academy application process is now open. Read more on the academy website here:

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