Business Simulations

RunIT Digital Business Simulation


RunIT is a transformative digital business simulation game where users can gain first-hand knowledge of IT Service and Operations Management. This immersive learning experience plunges the students into the intricate workings of a large enterprise, transforming complex concepts into engaging and practical lessons.

Business Simulations

Digital Transformation (DTX-i) Simulation


DTX-i simulates a complex enterprise business model that educates players on the strategic Digital Transformation choices facing organisations and gives instant feedback on their impact on organisational performance.

Business Simulations

ITIL Business Simulation Game: FoxPort


ITIL helps organizations across industries offer their services in a quality-driven and economical way. This Business simulation will give you the chance to experience ITIL at first hand by exploring and implementing the ITIL Best Practices during an energetic and full of fun day!


Agile Business Simulation: Fly4You


The CEO of Fly4You decided to scale up the IT capabilities. This means that SAFe® principles should be implemented into the organization. Become part of Fly4You for a day and go through this adventurous journey with us.


Agile Business Simulation: Lego4Scrum


The Lego4Scrum simulation at ITCE combines the concept originally developed by Alexey Krivitsky with our team’s experience with teaching the Agile way of thinking and the Scrum framework.

Business Simulations

The Challenge of Egypt-Project Management Business Simulation


No matter if your company is managing projects in a traditional or Agile way, this simulation will help you explore PM best practices and challenging situations and deliver a valuable project during a day full of fun.

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