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The Lego4Scrum simulation at ITCE combines the concept originally developed by Alexey Krivitsky with our team’s experience with teaching the Agile way of thinking and the Scrum framework.


The Lego4Scrum simulation at ITCE combines the concept originally developed by Alexey Krivitsky with our team’s experience with teaching the Agile way of thinking and the Scrum framework. What distinguishes our simulation is the twist in the historical context that will spice up interactions with the customer, the product owner, the scrum master, and teams in general.

Aligning on value

Achieve the best possible value for the users of your product by educating the customer on why such discussions are in their best interest in a trustworthy manner and on why they should trust you with the building of their idea, and learn to make your vision as a product owner engaging and meaningful.

Build an effective welding team of teams

Together with all participants, make use of the meetings and rituals, work toward the same goal. Sharing responsibility is an important principle in Agile product development with the purpose of preventing command and control from overtaking the work.

Capture change in your product development

Learn to build momentum through execution and in turn fuel your understanding of feature prioritization, to open your planning to a dynamic acceptance of what is needed to be done in response to environment changes, and to use information radiators to bring visibility on the honest progress of a new product’s development.

About the game

The simulation takes place in ancient Iceland where the environment is a hostile deserted island. The teams must ensure the first settlement’s survival before winter comes while also addressing the needs of both the wild crazy customer and the requirements of potential future visitors or settlers.

The aim of the simulation is to achieve the best possible value for the users of your product, in other terms, the settlers and visitors. The survival of the settlement depends on the team’s working together towards the same goal.

While playing the Lego4Scrum business simulation, the team will go through:

  • an explanation of the simulation’s agreements;
  • the envisioning of the product with a draft user story map and product backlog;
  • Release planning and more backlog refinements with the use of agile estimation techniques;
  • the series of rituals to enhance the learning process: planning, execution of iterations with continuous integration and delivery in mind, analysis of outcome of each team and evaluation; conclusions and recommendations for improvement.

What you’ll learn

During the business simulation, you will learn how to:

  • Challenge the requirements of the customer and various stakeholders in a trustworthy and engaging manner.
  • Keep a user story map updated to ensure you are driven by value in your product development.
  • Communicate what is to be done in an iteration in order to ensure shared involvement and accountability within teams.
  • Manage interdependencies between teams to fuel prioritization of work items and continuous integration.
  • Develop transparency with information radiator boards.
  • Track your progress and address identified issues in retrospective rituals.


Meet our team of certified trainers and business simulation facilitators with years of experience in managing complex projects of different scope and geographies. They are experienced “game leaders” who can adapt the mechanics of the game to the situation needed.

Svetoslav Iliev

Senior Consultant & Trainer

Svetoslav is specializing in Agile Frameworks, Agile Service Management, DevOps, ITIL, and ServiceNow. He has a strong (10+ years) IT Service Management background in large scale organizations, particularly in the areas of transitioning and operating services as well of managing relationship with customers and stakeholders and managing service desk teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites for attending the business simulation?

There are no fixed prerequisites for attendance. If you have experience or knowledge in a work environment transitioning towards agile product development, then you will enjoy challenging the simulation’s practical lessons.

Who should attend?

Any professional who is either curious or lightly experienced in the teachings of an Agile mindset and Scrum framework is welcome to attend. If your organization is shifting towards the adoption of an Agile framework, this simulation will help you better understand the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, product owner, scrum master, development team, and the agile team as a whole.

Can the business simulation be customized?

Yes. This simulation can be customized to a group of up to 150 people. If you are organizing a training for a group of people from your organization, we can discuss what are your team’s strengths and improvement areas in the project management domain and tailor the training to address them!

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