Building Flexible Project Plans with Microsoft Project 2019

P113 | 2 days |

Learn basic concepts and steps to build flexible project plans with Microsoft Project Professional 2013


The course aims to present the basic concepts and steps to build flexible project plans with Microsoft Project Professional 2019. It is structured as set of modules, covering the principles and tools to work with in Microsoft Project Professional 2019. The curriculum contains both theory sessions and individual self-paced practical exercises, so that every student can apply the knowledge acquired in the module in practice.

The themes covered in this course are creation of projects, working with tasks, resource management, assignments, time management, cost management, work reporting, project analysis, etc. The course also covers review of situations from real-world experience in Project Management.

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What you’ll learn


  • Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019
  • Creating a Project
  • Working with Tasks
  • Deadlines, constraints and task calendars
  • Working with Resources
  • Setting up a work schedule
  • Baseline and work reporting
  • Project analysis
  • Managing multiple projects


The goal of the training is to present basic concepts and steps in building flexible projects with Microsoft Project Professional 2019. After completion of this training, participants will be able to apply immediately their knowledge in practice in accordance with the business environment in which they work.

After completing the training, participants will be able to:

  • Create schedules for project work
  • Connect and arrange tasks in time
  • Describe resources and involve them in the implementation of tasks
  • Effectively manage changes in the work on the project plan
  • Print and analyze the completed work
  • Manage related projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend? 

This course is intended for both beginners and experienced Project Managers and projects support personnel who need to apply the discipline of project management using Microsoft Project Professional 2019.

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