Business Process Modelling and Optimization (BPMO)

BA104 | 2,5 day |

In this highly interactive and practical training you will dive into the world of SIPOC and BPMN and learn how to effectively measure and optimize processes by exploring Cycle Time, Efficiency, and Lead Time. You will get a hands-on experience with the coffee-making process and make the transition to mapping out real business processes.


This training program is specifically designed for participants who prefer learning by doing, practical exercises and tangible outcomes.

The theoretical parts of this course will focus on the foundations of SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers) and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). Both are vital tools for understanding, visualizing, measuring, optimizing and improving business processes.

After each module, participants will actively engage in group exercises, ensuring that they translate their newly acquired knowledge into real-life applications. All exercises are structured around the intricate coffee-making process and involve real coffee, serving as a tangible metaphor for real-world business scenarios.

This training course will help you to close the gap between theory and practice, equipping yourself with tools and techniques to enhance business efficiency and improve your company processes.

Ask the Expert

Engage in discussions with our highly experienced trainer and get valuable advice on understanding, visualizing, measuring, optimizing and improving business processes.

For Closed Groups Only

By delivering this training for closed groups only, we can make sure to discuss work scenarios, encourage team work, and clarify specific roles and responsibilities in the team if there is such a need.

Contact us for a free consultation on how to make the most out of your training!

Your Learning Journey

We at ITCE strive to deliver the best blend of learning materials and services to support you in your learning journey.


  • Individual consultation and personal development plan
  • Flexible pricing strategy for individual journeys or closed groups
  • Digital dashboard with all the required information and instructions regarding the course
  • Pre-reading materials to kick-start your learning process
  • Technical Support for the tools and platforms that we use


  • Explain theory through real-life examples from practice
  • Group exercises based on your business cases


  • Credly Badge for course completion
  • ITCE certificate of attendance
  • Follow-up and post-training learning materials 
  • Support and guidance in choosing the next steps of your learning journey

What you’ll learn

Module 1: Overview and SIPOC diagram

  • Types of processes
  • SIPOC process model

Exercise: SIPOC of coffee brewing

Module 2: Process modelling with BPMN

  • Activities
  • Pools & Lanes
  • Events
  • Flows
  • Intermediate events
  • Gateways

Exercise: BPMN of coffee brewing

Module 3: Process Analysis and measurement

  • Improvement opportunities

Exercise: Analyze the coffee brewing normal flow

Module 4: BPMN Advanced

  • Tasks
  • Sub-process
  • Ad-HOC
  • Event-based Gateways
  • Error event
  • Complex decision
  • Book order
  • Compensation event
  • Eventual consistency: Compensating Transaction Pattern        
  • Artefacts

Exercise: Intermediate time events

Exercise: Pools and lanes

Exercise: Event based gateway

Exercise: Create and use a common sub-process

Module 5: Customer case SIPOC, BPMN and Analysis

  • Acquisition and adoption metrics
  • Engagement metrics

Exercise: BPMN and analysis “Opening an account for private persons (paper and online)”

Module 6: Problem solving and improvement project charter

  • The flow of problem-solving workshop
  • Root cause analysis diagram and dot vote on root causes
  • Project charter contents

Exercise: Problem-solving


Nina Prodanova-Iozeva

Co-founder, Managing Partner & Principal Consultant

Nina is a highly qualified consultant and leader with more than 30 years of experience in leading highly complex transformations. She is a well-known name in the field of Scaled Agile, Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend? 

This course is suitable for professionals performing the roles of Business Process Modeller, Business Analyst, Project Manager, System Designer, Process Owner. 

Are there any prerequisites for attending the training?

There are no formal requirements for entry to this course.

Can the training content be customized?

The training can also be custom-tailored to the needs of specific organization and delivered to a closed group of team(s) by incorporating a real-life company case study and focusing the content and duration of the training around opportunities and pain-points important for the organization. Our team could also deliver the training in the form of a webinar which is appropriate for a wider audience.


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