Copilot for Microsoft 365 for Administrators

MS-4006 | 1 day |

Master the essentials of deploying and managing Copilot for Microsoft 365 in the MS-4006-A course. Learn about Copilot’s architecture, security, and compliance features to effectively protect your organization’s data. Ideal for Microsoft 365 administrators looking to enhance their skills.


ITCE is a Certified Microsoft Learning Partner.

This course emphasizes the security and compliance aspects that administrators must address to protect organizational data while utilizing Copilot.

  • Understanding Copilot Design:
    – Examine the architecture and core components of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.
    – Explore the service and tenant architecture of Copilot.
    – Learn to extend Copilot with Microsoft Graph connectors​.
  • Implementing Copilot:
    – Prepare for Copilot deployment, including data preparation and license assignment.
    – Use Microsoft 365 security tools to protect data used by Copilot.
    – Promote Copilot adoption within the organization by establishing a Copilot Center of Excellence​.
  • Ensuring Data Security and Compliance:
    – Understand how Copilot utilizes and safeguards business data.
    – Learn about Microsoft 365’s isolation and access controls to ensure regulatory compliance.
    – Implement data security measures such as identity and access management, Conditional Access policies, and multifactor authentication.
  • Managing User Access and Roles:
    – Utilize tools like Microsoft Entra ID for managing user identities and access.
    – Configure and manage administrative roles and permissions within Microsoft 365.
    – Implement advanced role management practices using Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management​.
  • Leveraging Threat Intelligence:
    – Use Microsoft Defender XDR and other advanced threat protection tools to identify and mitigate security threats.
    – Conduct threat hunting and analytics to enhance organizational security​​.
  • Implementing Data Classification and Sensitivity Labels:
    – Explore and deploy data classification strategies to manage sensitive information.
    – Create, publish, and manage sensitivity labels to protect organizational data​​.

Nikolay Markov

Chief AI Adoption Accelerator @TeamLandi

Nikolay has over 20 years at the forefront of IT innovation, leading the transition from cloud computing and cybersecurity to pioneering in AI research and adoption. 

Nikolay Panchev

Head of AI Transformation @TeamLandi

With over 15 years of expertise in IT and cloud technologies, Nikolay stands out as an innovative Azure AI architect, IT Leader, Cloud consultant and Certified technical trainer. 

Complete an interactive lab where you can demonstrate your ability to create, configure, and implement document processing solutions using Azure AI, with performance being evaluated based on real-world tasks.

This course is tailored for current Microsoft 365 administrators, aspiring administrators, and functional consultants who have completed at least one Microsoft 365 role-based administrator certification path. It is ideal for those responsible for managing and securing Microsoft 365 environments.

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