Digital Product Management

BS700 | 8 days |

Experience how your organizations’ Product Management practice can benefit from applying Service Design Thinking, Agile, Lean-Start-up, ITIL 4 and other innovation approaches.


Leading the organizations through the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, characterized by the digital transformation of our world and the unavoidable interaction between humans, digital technologies and physical assets, requires organizations to be more agile, better equipped to adapt what they do and ready to adopt new ways of working to succeed.
The Digital Product Management program helps organizations overcome the challenges of a fast paced, complex and uncertain environment. It is relevant to Project, Service and Product oriented companies, and a wider range of professionals working in the digital world.

What makes this training track unique

The training is spread across serval weeks which provides students with the opportunity to gather Product Management experience on their own in real business environment and review the results with the instructors.

Experience in an interactive environment how your organizations’ Product Management practice can benefit from applying Service Design Thinking, Agile, Lean-Start-up, ITIL 4 and other innovation approaches used in leading companies today for digital products marketing, design and delivery.

In the digital world, there are no clear borders between products and services. We combine the delivery of products and goods with interactions to generate value.

The Digital Product Management program is relevant to Product, Service or Project oriented organization and covers the modern way of managing full product lifecycle – from initial idea to end-of-life. It is delivered into the following three modules:

  • Product Management Ignite – 2 days
  • Product Design – 3 days
  • Product Delivery – 3 days

Learn & Apply Your Product Management Knowledge & Skills

During the training you will not only gain the essential knowledge and skills for Product Management – you will also practice a lot. We will challenge you to put a case study product idea into real-word test – define business model canvas, personas, service blueprint, prototype it, gather feedback, create product backlog and go through the necessary activities to launch a successful product.

Ask the Practitioner

Our trainers are practitioners that have years of experience in leading companies, so feel free to ask for their advice on your real-world product challenges – get consulted and inspired!

Each of the modules is enabled through industry-specific examples mixed with interactive exercises, assignments and discussions to keep everyone engaged.


With many years of experience and numerous successfully implemented consulting projects in the field of product development in various industries, our trainers are here to help you master your knowledge and practices.

Orlin Marinov ITCE

Orlin Marinov

Co-founder, Partner & Principal Consultant

Orlin is a very well-known name in the IT and Management circles in the region due to his extensive experience as a consultant for numerous large scale and complex projects in the field of IT Security and Service Management. He is a very well respected ITIL® trainer, known for the high success rate of certification of his students. He has achieved the ITIL®4 Master Designation, which is the highest level of achievement of the ITIL 4 certification scheme.

Maria Veledinova

Senior Consultant & Trainer

Maria is specializing in Agile, DevOps Practices, Project Management and Business Analysis. Her most recent projects are in the field of organizational transformation with focus on adoption of Agile & DevOps culture and practices and implementation of SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework).

Svetoslav Iliev

Senior Consultant & Trainer

Svetoslav is specializing in Agile Frameworks, Agile Service Management, DevOps, ITIL, and ServiceNow. He has a strong (10+ years) IT Service Management background in large scale organizations, particularly in the areas of transitioning and operating services as well of managing relationship with customers and stakeholders and managing service desk teams.

What you’ll learn


Module 1 Product Management Ignite (2 days)

  • Digital Transformation Fundamentals
  • Challenges of Digital Service Providers
  • The Vision of a Successful Product Manager
  • Red/Blue type of working
  • Innovation, Disruption, Lean Start-up
  • Managing Uncertainty – people, process, culture (influencing without authority)
  • Product Management Lifecycle
  • Product Strategy

Module 2 Product Design (3 days)

  • Product design process, team & roles
  • Product vision/ideation
  • Market research & orientation
  • Personas
  • Requirements elicitation
  • Mapping customer needs to product features
  • Product prototyping & early validation of product ideas
  • Minimum viable and minimum awesome product
  • Pricing and cost models
  • Preparing, promotion and approval of business case
  • Product branding

Module 3 Product Delivery (3 days)

  • Agile delivery process, rituals, team and roles
  • Planning at different levels: product roadmap, releases & iterations
  • User stories and acceptance criteria
  • Other forms of detailed level requirements specification
  • Product launch plan
  • Continuous product backlog management
  • Product operational models
  • Alignment with product community
  • Customer service management
  • Monitoring revenue
  • Scaling & continuous product improvement

ITIL® is a registered trade marks of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the training be customized?

Yes, absolutely! The Digital Product Management training can also be custom tailored to the needs of specific organization and delivered to a closed group of Product Managers or product management teams.
This could be done through incorporating a real-life company product/case study and through focusing the content and duration of the training around opportunities and pain-points important for the organization.  

Who Should Attend?

The course will benefit anyone who is new to product management. However, we also find more experienced attendees get an excellent refresh and broadening of their skills. We typically see a mix of different roles attending – Product Managers, Project Managers and Product Owners as well as those with no experience at all.

Are there any prerequisites from attending the training?

There are no fixed prerequisites for attendance. Still, the training will be more beneficial for you if you plan to or already work in a product-oriented environment.

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