ITSM Fundamentals

I501 | 1 day |

In this course, you will learn how effective IT Service Management (ITSM) can help align with business and IT, control costs, improve IT service quality, balance resource allocations, and make IT a more enjoyable and stable place to work.


This training will give you practical understanding of how IT services organization operate and will help you to align business and IT, control costs, improve IT service quality, balance resource allocations, and make IT a more enjoyable and stable place to work.

Acquire essential insights into IT Service Management terminology, roles, and the pivotal role of the value stream. Explore the importance of establishing a robust service desk and master the art of efficiently managing incidents and potential IT service issues.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary frameworks such as Agile and DevOps, and their roles within IT Service Management. Discover how these frameworks facilitate rapid value delivery to clients and streamline the software product release process for maximum efficiency.

Achieve efficient release of software products

Learn the steps behind Release & Deployment Management and how to plan, schedule, coordinate, and control the release of software products or updates in a structured and efficient manner.​

Ask the Expert

Engage in discussions with our highly experienced trainer and get valuable advice for applying ITSM principles in your organization. In addition, you will receive a holistic overview on various modern frameworks (DevOps, Agile, etc.) as well as application guidance.

For Closed Groups Only

By delivering this training for closed groups only, we can make sure to discuss work scenarios, encourage team work, and clarify specific roles and responsibilities in the team if there is such a need. In Addition, the course could be enriched with additional interactive business simulation which will allow participants to experiment with different strategies in a safe to fail environment.

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Your Learning Journey

We at ITCE strive to deliver the best blend of learning materials and services to support you in your learning journey.


  • Individual consultation and personal development plan
  • Flexible pricing strategy for individual journeys or closed groups
  • Digital dashboard with all the required information and instructions regarding the course
  • Pre-reading materials to kick-start your learning process
  • Technical Support for the tools and platforms that we use


  • Explain theory through real-life examples from practice
  • Group exercises based on your business cases
  • Possibility to include business simulation to practice what you have learned.


  • Credly Badge for course completion
  • ITCE certificate of attendance
  • Follow-up and post-training learning materials 
  • Support and guidance in choosing the next steps of your learning journey

What you’ll learn

During the course you will learn general concepts and terminology in service management as well as key practices and processes such as:

  • ITSM Terms and Definitions​
    • Service
    • Stakeholders
    • Value stream
    • Process
  • Processes and Practices
    • Role & Objectives of the Service Desk
    • Activities & Responsibilities within Incident Management
    • Problem Sources, Problem Management Activities, and Process Workflow
    • Monitoring and Event Management
    • Configuration Management (Data Models, Configuration Management Data Base, Configuration Structures)
    • Change Management Activities & Process, Types of Change
    • Service Request Management
    • Release and Deployment Management

The training also covers the concepts of aligning development and operations:

  • Overview of Agile Delivery & Manifesto
  • DevOps
  • Shift Left
  • Continuous Improvement (PDCA & KOLB’s Experiential Learning Cycle)

Putting ITSM in Practice

As part of this training we provide you with the option to include a business simulation to help your team put what they have learned in practice. This immersive experience can be integrated into the ITSM Fundamentals course, either as an additional second day, or offered separately as a one-day stand-alone business simulation. We offer the following business simulations that address ITSM principles and you can choose the one which best suits your needs.


Meet our highly experienced trainers who have a significant experience in delivering training to, coaching and consulting many of the largest enterprises.

Orlin Marinov ITCE

Orlin Marinov

Co-founder, Partner & Principal Consultant

Orlin is a very well-known name in the IT and Management circles in the region due to his extensive experience as a consultant for numerous large scale and complex projects in the field of IT Security and Service Management. He is a very well respected ITIL® trainer, known for the high success rate of certification of his students. He has achieved the ITIL®4 Master Designation, which is the highest level of achievement of the ITIL 4 certification scheme.

Denitsa Deneva

Senior Consultant & Trainer

Denitsa is specializing in ITIL and ServiceNow. She has substantial experience and a demonstrated history (10+ years) of working in the Information Technology and Services Industry with focus on the IT Service Operation, Transition and Transformation, People Management and Client Relationship Management.

Alexandra Dokleva


Alexandra is a Consultant and ServiceNow Architect specializing in Agile coaching and product ownership of the ServiceNow platform. Her most recent focus is oriented towards consulting of Agile and DevOps practices, leading organizations and teams to successful digital transformation journey, along with Project Management & Project Delivery of ServiceNow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend? 

Any individual interested in aligning IT with business, controlling or reducing IT expenses, enhancing the quality of IT services, and optimizing IT resources most effectively. This course is tailored for roles where a professional certification is not a must.

Are there any prerequisites for attending the training?

There are no formal requirements for entry to this course.

Can the training content be customized?

The training can also be custom-tailored to the needs of specific organization and delivered to a closed group of team(s) by incorporating a real-life company case study and focusing the content and duration of the training around opportunities and pain-points important for the organization. Our team could also deliver the training in the form of a webinar which is appropriate for a wider audience.


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