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RunIT is a transformative digital business simulation game where users can gain first-hand knowledge of IT Service and Operations Management. This immersive learning experience plunges the students into the intricate workings of a large enterprise, transforming complex concepts into engaging and practical lessons.


Step into the world of RunIT – a captivating and educational single-player virtual experience that scales knowledge effortlessly. This innovative online simulation equips you with key insights into service delivery strategies, designed to boost business performance and generate greater value.

As the IT Operations Director of your virtual company, you are tasked to enhance operational stability, foster a culture of knowledge sharing, and drive optimization. You’ll be thrust into the heart of decision-making, analyzing detailed reports and formulating strategies based on real-world insights. Witness your choices come to life through authentic scenarios, showcasing the strategic impact and value of your decisions. RunIT isn’t just a game – it’s a highly engaging journey into the realm of IT service and operations management.

Dive deep into the world of Incident and Problem Management with RunIT

Understand not only the individual concepts, but also the intricate interconnections between them. Experience the vital role of categorizing and classifying issues, a core principle of IT Service Management (ITSM).

Drive forward the practice of continual improvement

Use multiple reports to analyze data and come up with the most suitable strategy for the current situation and understand the value of holistic approach in handling operations.

Practice! Compare your results! Have fun!

Get hands-on experience in the friendly and safe environment of our business simulation. Discuss your strategies and results with other participants and freely share your thoughts and opinions.

The RunIT Simulation has been designed and developed by our partner SXP (Serious Experience) to resonate with the service management challenges facing executives and their teams today.

About the game

The participants in the simulation will be running a “Global Air”, a legacy Airline that needs to catch up with the market. The aims of the simulation are:

  • Improve the priority of incident handling
  • Understand the concepts of Availability, Capacity, IT Service Continuity and others
  • Gain experience in monitoring operations and handling events
  • Put knowledge sharing in practice
  • Get Introduce ITSM Practices (Automation, Change Release)
  • Have fun with your colleagues while learning and challenging each other with gamified leaderboards

The simulation can be both virtual instructor led or self-paced.

Step-by-step activities of the business simulation:

While playing RunIT simulation, the team will go through a series of solo/team exercises and retrospectives to enhance the learning process:

  • Retrospective sessions at the end of each cycle (year quarter in game time) of the simulation
  • Knowledge sharing between the participants
  • Analysis of each participant chosen strategies
  • Conclusions and feedback for improvement

Have a Look for Yourself:


Meet our team of certified trainers and business simulation facilitators with years of experience in managing complex projects of different scope and geographies. They are experienced “game leaders” who can adapt the mechanics of the game to the situation needed.

Orlin Marinov ITCE

Orlin Marinov

Co-founder, Partner & Principal Consultant

Orlin is a very well-known name in the IT and Management circles in the region due to his extensive experience as a consultant for numerous large scale and complex projects in the field of IT Security and Service Management. He is a very well respected ITIL® trainer, known for the high success rate of certification of his students. He has achieved the ITIL®4 Master Designation, which is the highest level of achievement of the ITIL 4 certification scheme.

Deyan Yordanov

Business Development Executive 

Deyan Yordanov is a valuable member of the ITCE Business Development team and has build a strong understanding of Agile, ITIL, and DevOps practices. Deyan helps create tailored training solutions and simulations for businesses with different requirements. He is actively involved in delivering business simulations to ITCE’s customers, working as a co-trainer and facilitator at numerous events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

ITSM awareness is beneficial of any professional involved or affected by service delivery. The simulation starts by explaining the broad principles and practices before diving into more advanced concepts.

Can the business simulation be customized?

Yes. If you are organizing a training for a group of people from your organization, we can discuss what difficulties you experience during your digital transformation and tailor the business simulation to address them!

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