[Whitepaper] DevOps – The Next Step to Modernizing Your Enterprise

DevOps is entering the enterprise world with great speed and companies which have already adopted it, report improved productivity across teams, faster time to market and less time spent on putting out fires and more time spent on developing great products and experience for both the employees and customers.

But what exactly is DevOps? A job role? A tool? A methodology?

Patrick Debois first coined the term in 2009. DevOps is an evolution of the organizational culture and the delivery of services and products. It leverages principles from other methodologies such as Agile, Lean and ITIL®. It aims to improve the collaboration between development and IT operations and consequently, to enable continuous product delivery.

DevOps is an important enabler of digital transformation. It is an important competitive advantage for the companies that manage to adopt it and to achieve rapid IT service management and continual service delivery.

DevOps is essentially evolution in thinking. Even though technology and automation tools play an important role in it. Just like Agile, it focuses on individuals and collaboration over tools.

Below you can get your free copy of our Whitepaper, where we cover:

  • A concise introduction to DevOps.
  • Fundamental frameworks review.
  • A checkbox for introducing it to your organization.

DevOps at ITCE

The DevOps Institute has accredited ITCE to deliver training and certification. The accreditation provides evidence that the highest standards for quality of the training content are met and that the trainer is a certified professional.

For more information, see: DevOps Foundation® Course.

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