How do we incorporate sustainability?

We have been diligently implementing ESG practices for years, driven not by formality but by a genuine commitment to sustainability.
Explore our initiatives to learn more about ITCE dedication to responsible business practices.

Our dedication has earned us recognition as a trusted and compliant vendor, partner, and stakeholder. Clients evaluating us can trust in ITCE’s commitment to sustainability, ethical conduct, and meeting criteria such as environmental performance, social responsibility, ethical governance, and transparency.

Our clients’ values align closely with our commitment to responsible business practices, ensuring resilience and fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and integrity.


Less Plastic waste

One of our first steps was to tackle the issue of water consumption and plastic waste. We introduced tap water filters to encourage less reliance on plastic water bottles. We’re continually striving to better this initiative, recognizing that old habits take time to evolve. Each day, as more of us choose to refill a glass rather than reach for a disposable bottle, is a tiny victory for us.

Also, the office kitchen is equipped with durable and reusable kitchenware. From coffee cups to plates, opting for items that can be used over and over again helps us minimize waste and move away from a throw-away culture.

Mastering Digital TRANSFORMATION

The digital era has empowered us to streamline operations and cut down on environmental impacts. By transitioning to online processes, from our educational programs to everyday administrative tasks, we’ve lessened the need for paper and other physical materials. Cloud technologies and virtual platforms have been game-changers, enabling us to maintain uncluttered workspaces while conserving energy and resources. This shift has not only made our operations more eco-friendly but also brought unparalleled flexibility and accessibility to our work and learning environments.

How hybrid working model helped us improve even more?

Encouraging remote work has dramatically decreased daily commutes, saving valuable time, reducing employee stress, and importantly, lowering fuel consumption and carbon emissions. And when office attendance is required, we’ve embraced carpooling. It’s not just a way to reduce traffic and emissions; it’s also an opportunity for fun and relaxation, fostering community as we travel together.


Our way of work

We believe that people are the most valuable resource and driving force of the company. Our vision team is continuously working on initiatives for employees’ professional development and on creating a work environment of psychological safety and creativity. As a training and consultancy company, we know that learning is a life-long journey. In ITCE we offer our employees different training initiatives which help them to develop, up-skill, and re-skill in their professional path.

Why did we choose to be an Agile-driven company?

One of the core values of Agile Manifesto is: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”.
We believe that by creating the right environment and mindset people can successfully combine their personal and professional life. We strongly believe in our high-tech working models.

> Work from Anywhere

> Hub and Spoke

> Modern workspace – SpaceAssembly

We give company members flexibility and aim for maximum stress reduction allowing everyone to be productive and creative with the right technical equipment, space and ownership over work schedule.

Health, safety and wellbeing

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees by maintaining a secure work environment, closely monitoring air quality indicators, and ensuring our offices are well-ventilated.

In times of health risks such as flu outbreaks, we seamlessly transition meetings to virtual platforms to safeguard our employees’ health. Additionally, we offer a range of social benefits to support their overall well-being, including regular medical check-ups and professional psychological support.

Our vibrant Social calendar further contributes to team members bonding through variety of activities, including sports, team-building exercises, and cooking masterclasses, creating opportunities for meaningful connections beyond the workplace.

Diversity and gender-equality

Our commitment to diversity, gender equality, and inclusivity is deeply ingrained in our company values. We have cultivated a work environment where professional development opportunities are accessible to all, regardless of gender, nationality, or any other discriminatory factor. Embracing gender diversity, our Managing Partner and Management team comprises women and men, with equal pay ensuring fairness across all roles. At ITCE, every employee has the opportunity to pursue any role based solely on their professional merit and experience. Furthermore, our diverse workforce includes individuals from various backgrounds, enriching our collective perspective and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Social Responsibility

> SkillsAssembly

Guided by the belief that every motivated person deserves the opportunity to develop skills and grow in the highly perspective and fast-growing IT industry, ITCE’s team founded a NGO named SkillsAssembly which serves as a platform for ideas, projects and experts to collaborate and contribute to the local IT ecosystem and skills development of junior talent.

ITCE is contributing to the Jump2IT Training Program as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by proving its expertise on training program design and delivery and its facilities (online and on-site) as well as team’s efforts on making the program happen. The program is designed to provide people with modern skills and mentor guidance, aiming to improve their employment opportunities to pursue a meaningful and future-proof career in the Tech & Information Technologies industry. The program had already 5 editions and the 2024 Data Analyst & AI edition of the program is now live!

> Donations

We at ITCE believe that Christmas is a bright moment to contribute to a place of need. That is why, for the third year in a row, we have decided not to send Christmas gifts but instead to donate on behalf of оur clients, and partners for two good causes – one in the field of education and another in the field of social support.

The first organization we chose to support was the “Animus Association” Foundation, where we have contributed to the establishment of a new crisis center in Sofia, the purpose of which is to offer immediate and urgent psychological support to women and children experiencing acute emotional stress after domestic violence.

The second organization we decided to support this year is “Zaedno v chas”, more specifically their “Schools by Example” initiative, which is a two-year professional development program for school teams and teachers. Its focus is on the sustainable improvement of leadership and teaching practices that contribute to the success of all students in school.


Social Responsibility

At ITCE, we are more than just a partner – we are your trusted ally. Our commitment to ethical conduct and sustainable relationships underscores every interaction with our partners and customers. We adhere to the highest standards of information security, as evidenced by our ISO 27001 certification, ensuring continual improvement in safeguarding data privacy and security.

Transparency and collaboration are paramount in our organizational culture, with our vision and strategy regularly communicated to all team members during our PI Planning Meetings. With a flat hierarchy, every employee is empowered to innovate, take initiative, and learn from mistakes. We extend our commitment to ethical practices to our entire supply chain, carefully selecting vendors and partners who share our values of social and environmental responsibility.

Through our Supplier Management Policy, we enforce rigorous standards, including regular feedback, compliance with work practices and information security, and a firm stance against modern slavery. Moreover, we prioritize supporting local small and medium-sized businesses, choosing them preferentially for events such as webinars, workshops, and knowledge sharing sessions, thereby contributing to the growth of our local economy.

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