Experiencing DevOps

DevOps is about people and about collaboration and that is why, the best way for teams and individuals aiming to adopt the DevOps practices is to experience them!

Guided by this belief and the conviction that companies, teams and individuals should be continuously learning and improving, ITCE and Technofy shared the thrill of playing the Phoenix Project Business Simulation at the brand new Launchee.

Based on the best-selling Phoenix Project book, the simulation puts participants in challenging situations where confronted with unexpected events and changing environment, they have to make decisions quickly as the company’s results and future are at stake.

Guided by ITCE’s facilitators, Technofy’s teams went through 4 sprints of the simulation. By working closely together and applying DevOps practices, they were drawing valuable conclusions and introducing improvements in every sprint.

What is this result based on? Well, let’s say this day combined most of the best practices of high impact learning where participants learned by experimenting, experiencing ups and downs, socializing and entertaining. Find out for yourself how the day went:

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