Five Tips for Working More Effectively in Excel

Adding more than one row or column at once

All of us had to insert more than one column or row in a table. It really wastes time if you need to add them one by one. The fastest way is to select the required number of rows or columns, then right-click on the selected rows or columns and select Insert from the menu. The new lines will be added over the first selected row or left of the first column. Their number will be equal to the lines or columns marked.

Converting rows in columns

We don’t always get our data ready for analysis. The right view of a table ready for analysis is when the data is oriented by columns. You can use the Transpose option, if you want to reverse the data and to convert rows into columns. Here’s how: copy the area you want to transpose and specify the new location. Select Home | paste | Transpose.

Rename sheet with a double click

There are several ways to change the name of the sheet. Most users will choose right-click and choose Rename from the list. The fastest way is just to double-click on the name and then you can rename it directly.

Choose from drop-down menu

For a faster import of already completed data you can use the technique Pick from List. This is a technique that allows you to select a value from existing values ​​in the column. To view the list of existing values in the box below your data, hold ALT + DOWN ARROW. Excel will give you a list of values ​​you can choose from.

Double-click the Format Painter button

You can use the Format Painter to copy formatting from one place and apply it to another. If you double-click the Format Painter, you will be able to copy the formatting in many places. The command will be active until you select ESC button.

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