Four Tips for Passing the ITIL® Foundation

If you are planning to get an ITIL® Foundation certificate and want to take it from the first time, this article might be useful for you. In the following lines we will reveal four tips that will help you pass the exam and take the desired certificate.

1. Practice, practice and more practice

That is what you will have to do before taking the ITIL® Foundation exam. Start with the sample questions and try to answer them without looking at the learning materials. That’s the only way to evaluate your preparation and to get an overview of the real exam.

While practicing, you should always pay attention to the time. This will help you to finish the real exam in time. The exam duration is 60 minutes. Get enough practice so that you don’t fail to pass the exam because of bad time management.

At ITCE, in our ITIL® training we pay attention on the practice and sample exams, because we know what is important to improve your knowledge, to gain self-confidence and to achieve great results.

2. Learn the ITIL® terminology

ITIL® is full of specific terms and abbreviations, which can be quite a big issue for those who encounter with ITIL® for the first time. So if you want to get that ITIL® certification without any problems, you will need to understand all the terms and the relations between them, like for example that ‘customer value’ is linked to ‘service strategy’. Knowing this will be quite helpful when answering the question on the exam.

3. Take your time to understand the questions

It is important to take time to understand every question that is not completely clear to you when you first read it. Read carefully each question several times, until you find exactly what is expected of you. In the exam there are several types of questions that you should be careful about. Some questions are formulated with negation like “which of the following is not a…?” In the hurry if you miss the “not” in that question, it is likely that you will to give a wrong answer. Besides, there are also tricky questions where you need to find the right command keyword in order to answer it correctly. Be careful also with the questions containing words like always or never. Do not underestimate short questions and always try to understand the question before start answering.

4. Use the knowledge gained form ITIL® training

Don’t let the stress overwhelm you and don’t answer the questions based on previous knowledge, work experience or intuition. This can only have a bad effect on the final outcome. During the ITIL® Foundation exam think only of the ITIL® knowledge acquired during the training, not the way your organization implement ITIL®. At the end, the ITIL® Foundation exam is about assessment of your understanding of ITIL® concepts, principles, processes and functions, and not on how your company implemented ITIL.

We hope that these four tips will be helpful during your ITIL® Foundation certification. If you need assistance ITCE offers a 4-day training ITIL® in Practice: Foundation, which will help you to prepare for the certification exam and give you the knowledge of ITIL® methodology.

If you need further information and assistance on ITIL® Foundation training and certification, please contact our consultants, write us at or simply call us at (+359 2) 44 00 444.

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