Interview with the ServiceNow System Administration Instructor

Last week we organized ServiceNow System Administration Training at ITCE and we asked few questions to the training instructor. Here is what he shared with us.

Hi Adam, it is your first time here in Bulgaria and it is the first ServiceNow System Administration Training at ITCE. Please tell briefly something about yourself and about the training?

Hi, yes it is my first time here and I am happy that I can be part of the first ServiceNow training in Bulgaria. I am a ServiceNow Service Delivery Manager and I am responsible for the quality of the service that we deliver. By service I mean – implementation and trainings. I am certified to deliver accredited ServiceNow admin trainings, so my goal for upcoming time is to deliver ServiceNow trainings supported by experience that we gained during the past few years.

What should participants expect from the training? Could they put the lessons learned into practice?

Participants definitely should put lessons learned into practice in terms of ServiceNow usage. Training is designed in the way that we go across platform and describes the most important parts from Admin point of view. Each training module (part) is followed by scenario based labs that combine practice with theory. Whenever it is possible I am adding my personal experience so the training content can be extended with real cases.

Who can participate in this training? What is the minimum technical knowledge required to join the training?

It would be good if participant had any ServiceNow usage experience. I think then it is easier to assimilate the admin area. This course is also for system administrators who are new to the ServiceNow ecosystem. Additionally other ITSM system experience also can be helpful. A good reason to participate is when admins of other ITSM system consider changing to another one. Then the ServiceNow flexibility can be compared and practiced.

Today is the second day of the training at ITCE. How is it going so far? Is it successful and effective for the participants?

I am having a great time here, atmosphere is exactly how it supposed to be and the training facilities at ITCE are excellent. I must add that the people are very nice and hardworking. In fact this is one of the best classes I taught – the pace of fulfilling labs and exercises is impressive. Additionally I am continuously getting very interesting and challenging questions, which shows that my class is engaged. I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the interview, anything else you would like to share?

I hope it’s not my last time in Sofia J, I am looking forward to another ServiceNow training.

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