Introducing DevOps Business Simulation Game: The Phoenix Project

We’re thrilled to introduce to you the brand new DevOps Business Simulation designed after The Phoenix Project book! It is relevant for anyone seeking an understanding of the DevOps principles as well as for teams and organizations aiming to adopt the DevOps.

The Phoenix Project is a fundamental DevOps knowledge source and a world-wide best-seller book. What makes it stand out is that it is written as a novel, telling the story of an IT initiative, called the Phoenix Project and the team behind it who are critical to the future of the company. With the project being delayed and over budget, the team has limited time to make things work. They start experimenting by combining Agile, Lean and ITIL® principles and ultimately, the DevOps philosophy.

Designed after the book, the game is a high-impact and entertaining way of applying the DevOps principles in a safe environment. In 3 rounds, the teams have to complete various tasks by applying DevOps practices in order to complete the Phoenix Project. Following the end of the game, there is a closing part with reflection and lessons learned.

Anyone working in the IT industry will be able to relate to the situations and issues at hand and will walk out from the simulation energized and full of ideas on how to improve their organizations.

Since its international launch in the beginning of the year, the game has already been delivered in enterprises across Europe, Asia, South America, and USA and has been extremely successful.

To register for the DevOps Business Simulation, click here or if you’d like to combine it with the DevOps Foundation® Course, click here.

To learn more about DevOps, read our Whitepaper here.

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