Introducing Flexible Working Time at ITCE

Last year before Christmas we promised to tell you more about how we work at ITCE, the lack of fixed working hours and place, how it affects us and if we manage to work as effectively as before.

Let’s start from the beginning. Most of the team at ITCE share common values and views of live. We read and we are interested in all that is new in different fields , whether it is nutrition such as intermittent fasting, various types of sport, new ways of effective time management and self-improvement, culinary, photography and other.

Most of us spend the week juggling between family, friends, work, sport, hobbies and relaxing. And starting from there, somehow the need to have a new, more efficient working environment naturally occurs and everyone has chance to make their own balance between the 8-hours work and the rest of the time. That is how we decided to create flexible working hours for the most members of the team.

If you immediately think that it means freedom and that everyone works as much as he wants and that everything is very easy, I will immediately tell you that it is not the case. Freedom in working hours brings responsibilities and self-organization and any enjoyment of this freedom is obtained only (and I repeat only) if there is a proper planning of the tasks.

The advantages of flexible working time and place are many, starting from having the opportunity to do some morning sport, avoiding traffic jam in the peak hours, not worrying about being late in the office, staying at home in a snowy winter day, going out to take care of some personal issues, or having time with your kids during “working hours”. In fact, I will share with you that while I am writing this article I am waiting for my car at the carwash, so I can go back in the office.

Here is what my colleagues have shared about the benefits of this change in the working organization:

“Now I can spend most of the week out of town and I can create many meaningful things for the clients and at the same time ski and get some rest. There is nothing better than drinking coffee in the morning at the mountain while watching ski slopes and then work with more energy. “

“Flexible working time helps me to avoid traffic and not to lose valuable time waiting in the car.”

“It is very convenient for unplanned personal appointments.”

I am calmed when I know that my colleagues are able to practice their favorite sports at any time and have enough sleep instead of rushing to work. I prefer to work in the evening after dinner or few hours over the weekend and to have enough time to sleep and sport during the week or to attend matches or performances of my children.”

“I am glad of the opportunity to be able to spend few hours in the morning to climb Vitosha mountain and then to work more productive and full with ideas and energy.”

At ITCE we always strive to be the ambassadors of innovative processes and practices that businesses need to see and be introduced to. The new way of working comes as a result of our desire to be a better team and this is achieved by trying together to build it as such. Flexible time helps us to organize the workflow in a very efficient manner. And how we achieve this, we will tell you in more details in our next article.

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