ITCE is Tech Partner for the C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour

As the dates for the C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour are approaching we are more than excited to announce that LLPA has chosen ITCE as their technology partner and co-organizer for the global virtual event! The level of expertise that we from ITCE showed during the Bulgarian event as part of the v-Tour, as well as the one-of-a-kind high-tech office space and services that we are offering, were the main reason for LLPA to chose us as co-organizers of the global event.

Over the period of 4 months, the LLPA members have hosted 17 local C3 Cloud Skills Tours that delivered a very key message: Digital Transformation is about People. During these shorter events IT  professionals could learn about the value of adopting a learning culture and how to accelerate their inner Azure.

On the 9-10 of June 2021 the world C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour will take place and you can expect to hear live keynote sessions on what the future of learning looks like in organizations and what you can do with technology innovation.

During the C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour we would use the opportunity to officially announce our new high-tech office – Space Assembly. This one-of-a-kind workspace will offer the design and delivery of local and global conferences, trainings, podcasts and webinars in online, on-site, and hybrid format.


The C3 Tour is powered by the LLPA

LLPA stands for Leading Learning Partner Association, a group of 33 leading Training Organisations worldwide. We at ITCE are proud to be the exclusive LLPA member of Bulgaria and excited to bring together industry-leading experts and professionals to exchange knowledge and experience.

What can you expect as part of the Global event?

The LLPA have more than 15 live and on-demand sessions planned, ranging from technical deep dives to digital transformation and skilling best practice sessions. We also have a great panel discussion lined up led by leading training providers from multiple regions. 

Among the lectors of the event is the Bulgarian representative – the Managing Director of KPMG IT Service OOD, Svetoslav Spasov. During the first day of the event, he will share his ideas and experience on creating and encouraging a continuous learning culture. He would also touch upon the personal development needs of the workforce and how companies balance between their strategic needs for development and the individual needs of their employees. In discussion with Dimitar Georgiev, Training Manager at ITCE, the two will share trends and results from international and local researches.

100 % Virtual Environment

Connect with people from all over the world in a fully realized virtual experience and enjoy the live virtual entertainment.

15+ Live and On-Demand Sessions

Engage with experts, sponsors and other like-minded professionals through group chats or one-on-one convos using real-time tools.

Live Booth Zones

Gain instant access to a full range of diverse exhibitors, downloadable presentations and video in a rich environment that is both mobile-friendly and highly interactive.

Live Keynote Sessions

Digital transformation is about people. Find out what the future of learning looks like in organizations and what you can do with technology innovation.

Exhibitors and Partners


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