ITCE is the IT Training Leader According to Digitalk Top 101

ITCE is the IT training leader on the Bulgarian market for 2021 according to the annual market report Digitalk Top 101, published by Economedia. 

We are thrilled to be taking the 1st place in this category and at the same time, our core success metric continues to be the value we deliver to companies, teams and individuals.

Both the training and consulting services are undergoing a massive transformation as the customer needs are rapidly changing. So, we see immense opportunities for further improvements and evolution in the way people and companies are benefiting from training and consulting.

ITCE’s Rankings in Digitalk Top 101:

1st place Top IT Training Providers

5th place Top IT Consultancy Providers 

22th place Top 50 Most Profitable Companies

28th place Top 50 Companies by Annual Growth 

39rd place Top 50 Most Efficient IT Companies

40th place Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies

We will remember 2021 with an emphasis on improving and innovating in terms of learning modalities. Our goal was to find the most suitable delivery mode for each customer through which they could acquire new skills and knowledge. Apart from our standard training courses, we identified the growing demand for providing quality services such as customized academies and transformational projects. As a result, in the last year, we have developed 3 successfully running academies and have supported many of our clients through their transformational journey with a blend of training courses, mentor sessions, webinars, and simulations.

These achievements belong to the entire Training Ecosystem at ITCE and all of our amazing trainers.

What’s Next?

Looking forward we are planning on continuously growing our team of consultants and trainers with priority on sustaining the quality of our services. We will keep delivering value to our customers and partners in fulfilling their evolving needs and to maintain our continuous improvement culture.

About the Author Dimitar

Point of Contact

Dimitar Georgiev, Head of Training at ITCE, is responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement of the training experience at ITCE and also, for the design of educational programs supporting organizational transformations, upskilling & reskilling initiatives for the digital age, internal academies and many more.

You can get in touch with Dimitar regarding your upskilling and reskilling initiatives at:

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