ITCE is the leading IT Training Provider again according to Digitalk Top 101

ITCE is the IT training leader on the Bulgarian market for 2020 according to the annual market report Digitalk Top 101, published by Economedia. 

“We are proud of the achievement that we are the leading company for digital skills and management practices on our market” says Dimitar Georgiev, Head of Training at ITCE, “and at the same time, we believe that the value we deliver to companies, teams and professionals is the most important success metric.”

“The Bulgarian IT market is progressing and gaining strategic importance for our economy. It has reached world-class quality of the delivered services and products and it deserves access to world-class, modern training at the local market” states Dimitar. 

ITCE’s Rankings in Digital Top 101:

  • 1st place Top IT Training Providers
  • 6th place Top IT Consultancy Providers 
  • 15th place Top 50 most profitable IT companies
  • 43rd place Top 50 most effective IT companies

2020 will be remembered with big steps of progress and innovation in all industries. In the training industry, these changes and improvements were in the area of delivery methods. 

At ITCE, we created a new training center, named SpaceAssembly, equipped with broadcasting studios, used for webinars, conferences and online training courses which aimed to meet the new market needs. So, for us the achievements that backed-up the numbers were: 

  • We converted all our training courses in online format within a few days. 
  • Additionally, we delivered training in hybrid and in-person format, including outdoor. 
  • We conducted training programs in the form of conferences, webinars, academies, mentor sessions and simulations. 
  • Three academies took place successfully. 
  • We enriched our portfolio with 10+ new topics. 

These achievements belong to the entire Training Ecosystem at ITCE and all of our amazing trainers.

What’s Next?

Our priorities are to maintain the trust and quality, which we have been known for, and to continue improving the online student journey. 

Companies which embrace a culture of continuous learning have a competitive advantage on the market and we aim to make this learning process highly effective, impactful and joyful. 

About the Author Dimitar

Point of Contact

Dimitar Georgiev, Head of Training at ITCE, is responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement of the training experience at ITCE and also, for the design of educational programs supporting organizational transformations, upskilling & reskilling initiatives for the digital age, internal academies and many more.

You can get in touch with Dimitar regarding your upskilling and reskilling initiatives at:

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