ITCE’s Next Level Microsoft Training Solutions

Select the most suitable and effective form of Instructor-Led Training for you and your team! 

Our new generation of Microsoft training solutions are yet another way in which we aim to provide you with the best help and most reliable support you need in your digital transformation.

Accelerated Individual

Take advantage of a custom-scheduled training that fits your individual preferences and needs.

During this kind of training, the instructor is committed to covering your and your team’s questions as well as the most important and the challenging topics in addition to your self-paced learning sessions.

Enhanced Classroom

Step into your learning experience even before you set foot in our training center. Your classroom training will now include course materials that you can access at your convenience once we confirm your registration. You will have the opportunity to come well prepared to the class with specific questions in mind and make the most out of your stay at our training center.

Advanced Custom

Advance your knowledge and bridge the gap between the different levels of knowledge in your team.

Contact us and we will organize a custom course tailored to your specific needs and our expert trainers will lead a workshop-style training for your senior-level team.

Advance Your Career with a Microsoft Certification

Technology professionals who have a Microsoft Certification are more likely to get hired, demonstrate clear business impact, and advance in their careers. Microsoft estimates that 23% of Microsoft certified technologists earn up to 20% more than non-certified ones and that certified teams are 20% more productive.

Through our Microsoft training courses, you have the opportunity to:

  • Prepare for your certification exam with Measure-up practice exams,
  • Get a bundle that includes your certification exam in addition to your training.

ITCE Microsoft Training Solutions

Accelerated Individual Instructor-Led Training

Do you count on interaction with the trainer to make sure you are stocked with tips and expert advice for your exam but also need self-study time so you can focus? This training format combines the best of both worlds. You or you team will have the chance to make the most of your training by attending a 2-days instructor-led workshop and diving into a 2-3 weeks self-study period to practice what you’ve learned. Of course, the instructor will be available to answer your questions and give you expert guidance at any time during that period so you can maximize the benefits of your blended training.

How Accelerated IILT works:

First, have a kick-off session with your instructor to start your training with confidence and enthusiasm. To fit your needs and your schedule, you may arrange a virtual session or a face-to-face meeting.

Then engage in a self-paced learning experience. You will have access to official Microsoft course materials and labs to support your hybrid learning journey.

Meet with your instructor again to ask questions, discuss cases and get exam-ready.
For longer or more advanced courses, you are welcome to do so more than once.

Enhanced Classroom ILT

By enrolling on a Microsoft training at ITCE, you get the opportunity to maximize the benefits of your classroom instructor-led training.

As part of your customized learning experience that we aim to tailor to your needs and requirements, we now offer supplementary Microsoft course materials that you can access anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. The materials are not a prerequisite for attending a training, but they can still help you warm up on the topic and come prepared and focused to the training center.

Advanced Custom ILT

All teams are different and have unique needs. That is why we always aim to provide a learning experience that is tailored to those needs. We offer customized training courses based on the level of engagement that the customer seeks, on the complexity of the environment and on internal capabilities.
This training format gives you plenty of opportunities for interaction and Q&A sessions with your instructor. The trainer’s guidance will allow you to dedicate your valuable time to making the most of your learning experience rather than losing yourself in researching on your own.

Select the most suitable Microsoft training format for your team. Schedule a meeting with us!

    Once you submit the form, we will get in touch with you and discuss how we can be of value to your initiatives and ideas.

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