ITIL® 4 Certification Path – what happens with my ITIL® v3 Certification

Earlier we wrote what to expect in the new ITIL® 4 Update that will be released on February 28, 2019. Since it is very important topic that we want to talk about, in this article we will explain the ITIL® 4 certification path of the new update and the possibilities for smooth transition from v3 to v4 convenient for your business performance and career goals.

ITIL® 4 Certification Path

ITIL® 4 povides a practical and flexible model to support organizations on their journey to the new world of digital transformation. The new scheme is designed to be backwards compatible with ITIL® v3 and more important it is streamlined to encourage conversion beyond ITIL® Foundation level. The ITIL® 4 Certification path comprises following modules:

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Smooth transition

After it was announced about the new ITIL® 4 Update newly two years ago at the itSMF USA Fusion 2017 conference, the open question that stayed in front of many ITIL® specialists was what will happened with the previous v3 certification.

Generally, AXELOS didn’t change the core elements and a lot of v3 valuable content we know, is retained, so don’t worry, the ITIL® v3 certifications are not going to be a waste.  As it’s already known, the ITIL® 4 focuses on integrating ITIL guidance with best practices from the worlds of DevOps, Agile, and Lean. Consequently, be prepared for new terminology, frameworks and improved version to work in the modern world instead.

For ITIL® Foundation holders

Furthermore, ITIL® 4 has been carefully developed to be compatible with the existing certification scheme of v3. There is already transition plan available to upgrade the existing certifications. Our ITIL® 4 Foundation Bridge course is designed for professionals with experience in IT Service Management and ITIL® v3 Foundation certification who need to understand the changes from ITIL® v3 to ITIL® 4, prepare for, and pass the ITIL® 4 Foundation certification exam in a time efficient manner. The 2-day course reviews key ITIL® Practices and the changes in relation to ITIL® v3.

For ITIL® Expert certification holders

ITIL® Managing Professional Transition Module is designed to recognize the achievements of individuals who have progressed through the ITIL® v3 certification. For those with 17 ITIL® v3 credits or ITIL® Expert certification there will be a mandatory training and exam, enabling v3 candidates to transition their existing level of competence into the new ITIL® 4 certification scheme. Those who complete the module and the exam successfully, will gain ITIL® Managing Professional (ITIL® MP) designation.

In summary what is important to mention is that all existing ITIL® certifications will remain valid following the update. Moreover, all credits gained from the v3 certifications can help you continue your ITIL® journey in the new certification scheme. ITIL® v3 scheme will be available until June 2020.

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It’s time for another edition of the world’s favorite IT service management best practice framework. Let us support you along this exciting ITIL® 4 journey.

If you have already attended ITIL® training at ITCE – ITIL® Foundation or ITIL® Intermediate Course, please contact us to discuss the best transition approach for you and get a special offer for the new ITIL® 4 courses.

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