ITIL® 4 Update

Get introduced to and certified for ITIL 4 – the global standard for IT Service Management now updated to the needs of the modern digital world.

Understand how the best practice has evolved

The new ITIL 4 update gives fresh and memorable format on how organizations and practitioners should approach ITIL.
In addition, this update is community-driven, and its main focus is on integrating traditional ITIL with best practices from the worlds of DevOps, Agile, and Lean.

ITIL 4 helps businesses navigate the new technological era, which slowly breaks through in almost every industry on a global scale. Furthermore, in a welcoming and familiar landscape, ITIL 4 takes IT industry forward into digital transformation, DevOps, product management, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and more.

New ITIL 4 trainings at ITCE:

ITIL 4 Foundation Bridge

Join the bridging course and convert from existing ITIL certifications to the new Managing Professional.

Easy Transition to ITIL 4 in 2 days!

This ITIL 4 Foundation Bridge course is designed for those who already hold at least an ITILv3 Foundation certificate and want to upgrade to V4.

Previous knowledge about Service Life-cycle and underpinning process structure is required, since this course go over the material at a faster pace and is suitable for those who need to understand the changes from ITILv3 to ITIL 4.
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ITIL 4 Foundation in Practice

Understanding of ITIL 4 and key concepts from Agile, DevOps & Lean + Business Simulation

4-day training that gives you more practical knowledge of ITIL 4!

This course is best choice for the new generation of IT professionals.
ITIL 4 Foundation in Practice covers a lot of new concepts that will be explained through lots of real-world examples and valuable tips.
After the theoretical part, you will have chance to put everything learned into practice during the business simulation.
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ITIL®4 Managing Professional (MP) Transition

Make a smooth transition to ITIL 4 through this 5-day course.
Learn why ITIL 4 is a must-have tool in the digital age.

This bridge course recognizes those who have already advanced in the ITIL v3 certification path and aims to provide a smooth transition to ITIL 4. The course will also provide you with an overview of various modern frameworks (DevOps, (Scaled) Agile, etc.) and their application in ITIL 4.

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ITCE is Accredited Training Organization for ITIL® Courses.

ITIL 4 Certification Scheme

The ITIL 4 certification scheme starts with ITIL Foundation, which is already available at ITCE and offered as three different courses depending on the previous knowledge and existing ITIL certifications:
ITIL® 4 Managing Professional (MP) Transition
ITIL® 4 Foundation in Practice
ITIL® 4 Foundation Bridge
Further training and certification will be available about a year later.
The full ITIL4 certification scheme will include the following modules:

Read more about ITIL 4 FAQ’s guide here.

If you are thinking of starting your ITIL journey in 2019 with the new ITIL4, leave your contacts here and we will get in touch with you to discuss your interest and provide you with the necessary information on courses and certification levels.

Learn from the best ITIL experts

ITCE is one of the pioneers of providing ITIL training in the region. Above all, ITCE has a significant experience in delivering training, coaching and consulting to many of the largest enterprises.

Orlin Marinov ITCE

Orlin Marinov

Partner & Senior Consultant

Orlin is a very well-known name in the IT and Management circles in the region due to this extensive experience as a consultant for numerous large scale and complex projects in the field of IT Security and Service Management. He is a very well respected ITIL® trainer, known for the high success rate of certification of his students.

Ask the Expert

Joining ITIL 4 training gives you great opportunity to engage in discussions with the trainer and the other participants on integrating traditional ITIL with DevOps, (Scaled) Agile, and Lean best practices at your organization.

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