Jump2IT Training Program – Class of 2020

Graduation Ceremony

Jump2IT Class of 2020 students are ready to pursue their career in IT as they successfully completed our Training Program – a blend of IT and business skills. Congratulations to the 11 students graduating the Software QA track and to the 14 students from the Front-end Engineering track. Let’s wish them all the best in their future career!

In case you’ve missed it – learn here about SkillsAssembly – the educational NGO powered by ITCE and here about the Jump2IT Training Program – a joined initiative between Accenture Bulgaria and SkillsAssembly.

Have a look at some snapshots from the online graduation ceremony!

We had an amazing time thanks to the cheerful mood and great sense of humour of our students and teachers. The online graduation had a packed agenda full of fun group activities.

Resume Book

We believe that there are numerous IT employers on the local market who could offer wonderful career development opportunities to the Jump2IT graduates.

Additionally, one of SkillsAssembly’s core mission goals is to provide realisation support to the Jump2IT graduates in finding fulfilling career in the local IT industry even after the end of the training program.

That is why, we have assembled a resume book featuring all CV’s of the students who have granted their permission and who have not yet found a job in IT as per today. The resume book is available to organizational HR & Talent Acquisition teams upon request.

Point of Contact – Resume Book

Petia Popova is Business Development Executive at ITCE and Community Lead at SkillsAssembly.

You can get in touch with Petia in case your organizational Talent Acquisition team is interested in the Jump2IT Class of 2020 Resume Book at: petia.popova@itce.com

In addition, five IT Services & Software companies have presented career realization opportunities and advice on career development in the areas of Software QA & Front-end Engineering​ to the Jump2IT students.

We are looking forward to organising next editions of the Jump2IT Training Programs and to making a positive impact on the local IT and business ecosystem.

Special thanks go to all the trainers, staff members, partners and our dear friends from Accenture Bulgaria who together as a team made this possible.

About the Author Dimitar

Point of Contact

Dimitar is Training Manager at ITCE and co-founder at SkillsAssembly. He is responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement of the training experience at ITCE and also, for the design of educational programs supporting organizational transformations, upskilling & reskilling initiatives for the digital age, internal academies and many more.

You can get in touch with Dimitar regarding SkillsAssembly inquiries at: dimitar.georgiev@skillsassembly.com

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