Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Every one of us has created presentation in PowerPoint and though it may seem easy and simple, there are many useful shortcuts, that not many people are aware of, but they help you to quickly get to things and perform various tasks.

For this reason our Microsoft Office trainer Antoniya Neycheva reveals the 11 most useful shortcuts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 that will help you while creating or presenting a presentation in PowerPoint.

  • One of the main tasks in Microsoft PowerPoint, when creating a presentation is adding new slides. To add a slide that has the structure (layout) of the previous slide, select the key combination Ctrl + M.
  • Sometimes not only the structure of the slide, but its contents overlap with the new slide you want to add. In this case you can duplicate slides with key combination Ctrl + D, instead of creating a new one.
  • When you add different objects in a slide is important that they are well aligned and tidy. You can use a special network for arrangement and alignment of the elements in the slides by selecting the key combination Shift + F9. Another option to visualize the leading drawing lines on the screen is use the keyboard shortcut Alt + F9.
  • To copy text from one text to another, select Ctrl + Shift + C. Paste the copied format from one text to another by selecting the key combination Ctrl + Shift + V. To quickly add a hyperlink in a slide of your presentation or in a selected text, select the key combination Ctrl + K.
  • When the presentation is finished and you want to start with presenting, choose F5 to start from the first slide.
  • Start the presentation in presenter mode, choose a keyboard shortcut Shift + F5.
  • During the presentation, if you want to mark important information in your slide or additional information on the slide, select the key combination Ctrl + P. With this command your cursor changes into a pen and you can write on your slides. To restore the cursor back to the arrow, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A.
  • To exit the presenter mode, press Esc.

We hope these shortcuts will be useful in your daily work while creating presentations and save you time. If you wish to advance you knowledge for working in PowerPoint, we welcome you to join our training at ITCE.

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