Lessons Learned from the Project Management Day Participants

This year during the PMDAY Bulgaria ITCE organized an interactive project management simulation, find out the feedback of the participants.

Project Management business simulation

This year during the PMDAY Bulgaria ITCE organized an interactive project management simulation – The Challenge of Egypt. The participants had the opportunity with the learn-by-doing approach to experience usual issues that arise during project management. As it is in real life during the project management they were encountered with last moment changes, accidents, lack of resources or additional requirements from the original project plan.

Below you can read some of the comments that the participants shared with us about the lessons learned and the things they discovered from this interactive simulation:


  • Most important is to have a good project manager that communicates with all project units.
  • Team coordination and good communication can improve work.
  • Using the right communication channel and listening to the others are most important.
  • Communication can cause a lot of unexpected problems.

Focus on the big picture:

  • Keep in mind the big picture while doing your everyday job.
  • There must be a project manager with clear view for the final result.
  • Thinking outside the box for the everyday tasks helps the overall progress of the project.

Planning is everything:

  • Planning ahead makes projects run smoothly.
  • When working under pressure you take some rash decision. Think twice before you take an important decision and always plan two steps ahead.
  • Planning on time and sharing information is essential for the project success.


  • Approach project managers when issues arise.
  • Always ask for more details and requirements regarding your task.

Roles in teams:

  • Everyone should know what is his responsibility and role within the project.
  • Before the project start, it is important to clarify the responsibilities of each team member.

Julia Oliveira is a highly qualified IT Service Management and Project & Portfolio Management Senior Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She has successfully lead some of the largest ServiceNow projects in Southeast Europe.

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