LLPA Battle Best IT Developer Interview

Read the interview with the second LLPA finalist – the best IT Developer in the LLPA Battle. He had the best score and besides winning a free IT training at ITCE, he will go in the next round of the competition – EMA Finals for the big prize – Ignite 2016.

Hi Haralan, first congratulations, you are the best IT Pro in the LLPA Battle. Please tell us briefly something about you, how old are you, what do you do, what are your interests?

Hi, I am 24 years old. I’ve been programming professionally for six years. I am currently working at Clippings. We aim to connect consumers seeking quality products with original design and product designers without intermediaries.

Before that I worked in OpenBuilding and Despark. Clippings and OpenBuildings are startups that began some years ago as a project of Despark, but now are separate companies. Still we share one office with them. Despark recently won the award for best Web Agency of the Year by Forbes Evolution awards.

Where did you learn about LLPA Battle?

From the social media.

Do you have any experience in Microsoft Technologies? Was the test hard for you or you managed to finish it quickly?

I have little experience with Microsoft technologies – a little bit from school and from university. The test was not very complicated, but I struggled with the questions associated with technologies that I haven’t worked with, such as Visual Basic. I eliminated some of the possible answers logically when I did not know the right answer.

You are the winner in the IT Developer competition as part of LLPA Battle and besides going to the EMA finals you won a free 5-day training at ITCE. Have you chosen the training you would like to visit? Actually have you been to a training at ITCE before?

I haven’t been to a training at ITCE before. I like that you offer trainings that are more management oriented. I still haven’t chosen a training that I would like to visit.

How do you plan to prepare yourself for the LLPA Battle Finals?

I will have to read more about some Microsoft technologies and I will review the sessions form previous years.

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