Master the Fundamentals in Microsoft

In the last few years it seems like Microsoft is everywhere around us! We are analyzing and presenting data more and more through PowerBI, migrating resources and services on the Azure cloud and surrounding ourselves with security in this age of constant connection to the vast ever-expanding network of the Internet. Even our communication goes through the M365 services – sharing through SharePoint and interacting with our coworkers in Teams.

If you are new to all of this it can get a bit overwhelming. With so many courses, certifications, role-based badges you may ask yourself: Where should I start from?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you start strong on the track of becoming expert in your desired field of knowledge.

Microsoft provided everybody with a way to start simple and expand their knowledge from this point on. Whether you want to start working with new service, want to expand your skill set or you are just being curious about trending technology – the fundamental courses are a great place to start. All those courses are marked with abbreviation of the technology they are designed for (AZ for Azure, MS for M365, PL for Power Platform, SC for Security, etc.) and the number 900.

What to expect on those 900-series courses?

Starting alphabetically – AZ-900 is designed back in 2019 as an entry point for all students looking to set sail in the Azure cloud platform. Since that time, it is updated almost monthly with information to match the current state of the platform.

It will present basic cloud concepts through the prism of Microsoft, the core services Azure provides as well as security, privacy, and compliance on the platform. The course will also be beneficial for people working in cloud sales, as Azure Pricing and Support is also discussed. You can check when our next Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is and let us get you on track with Azure Cloud in a two-days instructor-led training.

The course is dedicated to doing the same thing AZ-900 does for Azure, but for Microsoft 365 offering. It comes as a starter point if you are not sure what SaaS is (It’s Software as a Service) or if you are trying to figure out what the end-user benefits of implementing M365 subscriptions are.

Again, it also takes a look at different Microsoft subscriptions and outlines the key differences of the on-prem, hybrid and cloud models, making it a good starting point for a salesperson or someone looking to start their way towards Modern Desktop Admin, Team Admin, Security Admin, etc. We provide the whole knowledge required to become Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certified in the form of a one-day training.

If you are curious about what the Microsoft Power Platform has to offer, PL-900 is where you should start. The course will show you the business value of automating basic processes with Power Automate, performing data analysis and compiling dashboards with Power BI and even providing insights on how to create things like chatbots with Power Virtual Agents.

This course will be beneficial for all business functions from HR through Sales and management – everybody needs a way to present business data in understandable and interactive format. Our Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals is an instructor-led course in a two-days format.

If we are talking about modern technology, we cannot skip security. This is where SC-900 comes to help. The course will get you acquainted with the concepts of security, compliance, and identity across cloud-based services.

It’s aimed towards a broad audience of business stakeholders, new or existing IT professionals or students who wish to learn more about MS Security. We recommend students to be already familiar with Azure and M365 concepts before taking the course to better understand the capabilities of Microsoft Security. We can help you with our Microsoft Security, Compliance, And Identity Fundamentals course – get ready to become certified by attending our one-day instructor-led session.

Looking for something more challenging?

It’s important to mention that the Fundamentals certifications are optional and are not included in any of the more technical certifications of Microsoft. If you are already acquainted with the technology or just want to skip the first step and dive deep from the start, why don’t you check our full Microsoft Portfolio?

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